Anchorage Management Area
Fishing Research

Stocked Lakes Survey

Stocking a lake with fishThe Anchorage Management Area has 28 lakes that are stocked with a combination of rainbow trout, Arctic char, Arctic graying, and landlocked Chinook salmon. The species stocked depends on the availability of the fish for stocking, the characteristics of the lake, and the expressed desires of the angling public for diversified fishing opportunities.

Pike Control

Biologist with Northern PikeThe Anchorage area landlocked lakes stocking program is evaluated annually, with the presence of northern pike a special concern. To date, five lakes in the Anchorage area have had confirmed northern pike populations: Sand, Cheney, Campbell, Otter and Lower Fire Lakes. Of these lakes, the northern pike populations have been eradicated from all but Lower Fire Lake. Other waters in the Anchorage area such as Taku-Campbell, Goose, Mirror, Gwen and Delong Lakes and Campbell Creek have had reports of northern pike in them, but populations of northern pike have not been confirmed in these waters. Illegal stocking of northern pike in the Southcentral area has serious ecological impacts on Southcentral wild and stocked fish. If you find a northern pike in any Anchorage area water body aside from Lower Fire Lake, please retain the fish and report your catch to ADF&G immediately.