Conner's Bog
Wildlife Viewing

Pacific loons, juvenile (left) and adult breeding (right). (Bob Armstrong)

Nestled between residential neighborhoods and the Anchorage International Airport is Conner's Bog. The area includes diverse habitats, with a scattering of low shrub bogs and Conner's Lake making up the prominent features. Woodlands and tall trees surround the lake and bog, creating great habitat for small mammals, moose, and many species of birds.

The freshwater wetlands at Conner's Bog offer a wide variety of bird sightings throughout spring, summer, and fall. Eighty-three species of birds have been recorded near the bog, from common mallards and resident woodpeckers to the more unusual Pacific loon. Volunteers placed an island in Conner's Lake equipped with a web camera to record and watch Pacific loons nest and raise their young.

A main trail running through Conner's Bog provides access to many offshoot trails leading to the lake, through the forest, and across the low shrub landscape. Moose are often seen feeding along the trails, munching on the woodland foliage.

Viewing and Safety Tips

Don't disturb nesting or baby animals. Moose are not normally dangerous, but be cautious. Watch moose quietly at a safe distance, and recognize changes in their behavior. If a moose lays its ears back and raises the hair on its hump, you are too close. Dogs may antagonize moose simply by their presence. Cow moose with young newborn caIves are particularly sensitive to humans and dogs.

To protect the nesting loons, portions of the lakeshore may be closed to human and dog access during summer.


From downtown Anchorage, take Minnesota Drive south to the International Airport West exit. Turn left on Jewel Lake Road. A parking area with a main trailhead is located on the left-hand side of the road.


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