Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW)
Participant Comments

What a few BOW workshop graduates have to say about the program

  • “Great program I really enjoyed and learned very useful tools to help give me confidence in being a more well rounded Outdoor Woman!”
  • "This has been an incredible workshop. All the instructors were fantastic! "
  • "I will be back next year. I wish there was a BOMan."
  • “WOW, keep it up, I am so coming back!”
  • “Very fun Program! Everyone is nice, truly cares about each participant and are enthusiastic about helping you succeed!”
  • "Thank you so much for this opportunity!"
  • “BOW has been the most empowering experience in my life. I can’t say enough about it to my girl friends.”
  • "Thanks for bring these activities to people in a fun, friendly way."
  • "Very great instructors! I felt very comfortable. I was challenged but not pushed beyond where I wanted to go."
  • "What a terrific program! Great classes excellent instructors and great way to meet ladies from all over the place."
  • "Very organized and planned. Thank you I learned so much."
  • “Thanks for an AMAZING weekend!”
  • “BOW ROCKS!”
  • “Thank you! I feel like you need to change the name though to BSOW!! (Becoming a SEXY Outdoors Woman!)”
  • “This has been the most useful and fun series of workshops that I have taken in a very long time. Thank You!”
  • “Great Classes – fun time had by all! Worth every penny!”
  • Thank you! It was a BLAST!”
  • “Excellent Workshop A+”
  • “Thank you for an unbelievable time!”
  • “Had a great time – Learned things I expected and a lot of things that I didn’t. Thank You!!!”
  • “Wonderful!!! Thank You! Looking forward to more BOW workshops!
  • “I enjoyed myself immensely.”
  • “What a fun weekend. Thank you ALL! A million times thank you. All the instructors were very friendly and helpful.”
  • “The BOW program far exceeded my expectations. This is my first BOW and I can’t wait to attend more!”
  • “It was a great weekend! Being around all different ages and abilities never made me feel intimidated.”
  • "Loved it can't wait until next year...”