Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW)
Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

The following are generalized descriptions and may vary slightly depending on instructor, location, and season of the year. Some classes may also have prerequisites and requirements, and possibly additional fees that are not listed below. These classes may be held over an evening, weekend day or at a specific Workshop (See Overview for information about the Workshops). Be sure to check the class descriptions for the workshop you plan to attend. In addition, not all classes are offered at every workshop. Please consult the registration packet of the workshop in which you plan to register.


How do you hold a bow? What is a "nock?" Can you really hit that target? Absolutely! Our expert instructors will have you shooting bows successfully in no time!

Avalanche Safety and Rescue

Learn to recognize potential avalanche situations, search priorities, and use of a beacon, probe, and shovel to recover a buried team member. Basic medical protocols, summoning of additional assistance, evacuation priorities, and where to get additional training with the instructors from Alaska Mountain Rescue Group. Class is held in and outdoors.

Big Game Hunting

Interested in filling your freezer? Experienced hunters will teach you the basics of how to hunt moose and caribou. Class covers hunting regulations, equipment and locations.

Bird Hunting

Learn the basics of bird hunting with dogs in Alaska and see them in action? Class will cover everything from bird habitat to dog selection. Prerequisites: Firearms Safety or Hunter Education, NRA or 4H Firearm Safety Certificate AND Shotgun class.


Join the growing field of bowhunters! Our expert instructors will teach you about equipment, tree stand, and still hunting and stalking. Plenty of practice shooting the bows.

Burbot Set Lining

Discover hands on how to fish for the only freshwater cod, the burbot! This class will teach you about the range, life history and habitat of burbot, how to target them, and more. Build your own setline to take home and head out to the lake and fish for burbot!

Camping Skills

With some knowledge and the right gear, you can live outdoors and enjoy it! Class covers gear, water, food, bugs and safety in established campgrounds and in the wilderness.

Canning & Smoking Fish

Save that salmon or halibut by smoking and canning, so you can enjoy eating fish year round.


Alaska's waterways are highways if you're prepared. Class covers equipment, different strokes and safety. You'll paddle around the lake practicing techniques and have loads of fun doing it!


How do you keep your wood stove fed? Try different kinds of saws, cut down a tree, buck up firewood, properly stack it and all in a safe and responsible way. Timber!

Cross Country Skiing

Learn classic cross-country skiing techniques from some of Alaska's accomplished skiers!

Dog Mushing

Whether you want to learn about dog mushing for fun, racing or packing gear, this is the class for you. Local mushers will teach you about dog care, equipment and mushing skills. Mush!

Duck Hunting

Discover the excitement and basic fundamentals of duck hunting! Topics include waterfowl species identification, ammunition & firearm selection, gear, how to use decoys & blinds, duck calling, working with a retriever, and how to clean and cook ducks.

Dutch Oven Gourmet

Salami and freeze dried food? Why, when you can bake Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas or homemade cinnamon rolls? Learn how with our Dutch Oven Master Chefs and you'll cook a fabulous outdoor dinner. Tasting is required.

Field Dressing

After you shoot, then what? Our experienced instructors will have you cut up a big game animal and pack it out of the woods.

Firearms Safety

Includes safe gun handling, selection and purchase of firearms. Their is no actual shooting practice in this class. Shooting practice is offered in the shotgun and rifle classes.

Fish Leather

Don't let that fish skin go to waste! This class will teach you how to process a variety of fish skin into fish leather. Learn how to make a fish leather handicraft and to take home.

Fishing 101

What's the difference between spin casting and fly casting? How do you catch Arctic grayling, Northern pike, burbot, or rainbow trout? How do you put all the gear together? Find out with our fishing-crazed instructors!

Fly Fishing 101

Learn the basics of fly fishing, differences in rod weight and length, types of fly line, knots, fly selection and how to cast. Spend time fishing on a lake or stream.

Fly Fishing 201

Want to take the next step to becoming that fluid fly fisher? Learn more about the gadgets, gizmos, attire, and equipment that are useful in the fly fishing world. Get some more practice and instruction in fly casting. Try casting a variety of very light weight and very heavy weight rods. Our Fly Fishing class or prior experience fly fishing required.

Fly Tying

Creating a fly that will lure a fish is part science, part art. You will tie flies to entice your favorite sport fish! Our BOW instructors will get you started and you will go home with a pocket full of fishing potential.

Fillet O'Fish

You've caught it, now what? After it is out of the water, our instructors will show you cleaning, cooking, freezing and other ways to make your catch last all year. Tasting is required!

Fur Sewing

Learn some basic fur sewing techniques. Make a beaver headband and wear it this winter!

Game Meat Processing/Butchering

Butcher a big game animal and learn how to separate the muscle groups in order to get the same cuts of meat that the local butcher would.

Ice Fishing

Learn how to fish through a hole in the ice. You will learn ice safety, equipment, bait selection and much more under the expert guidance of our chilly, but determined instructors.


A great way to explore Alaska. Instructors will help you learn about kayaks, paddling techniques, and maybe even how to roll over. Kayaking will take place in a lake - perfect for beginners, no white water will be encountered!

Knot Tying

Afraid of losing the canoe off the top of the car because your knots look like unruly birds' nests? This class is for you. Learn basic knots and how to match the right knot to each situation. Lots of hands-on practice.

Map & Compass

A map and compass can keep you from being lost, if you know how to use it. Our instructors will help you learn to read a map, take a bearing, plot a course, and follow it.


Our certified instructors will help you push past your comfort zone and descend from a 40 foot tower with a harness and ropes keeping you safe. You can do it!


Our expert marksmen and markswomen will have you shooting safely and accurately.

Salmon Fishing

So you want to know the how, where, and when to go fishing for salmon. This is the class for you! Match the gear to the species and get set to go fishing!

SCUBA Diving

Would you like to breathe underwater? Interested in SCUBA, but not willing to make the financial investment without knowing a bit more about it? Take this introductory class. Includes gear selection and care. Diving techniques and a dip in the lake! This is not a certification course.


Learn the basic fundamentals of shooting at moving targets. Our instructors will have you breaking clay birds in no time. Shoot safely and accurately and have fun!


Do you want to learn how to skijor with the family dog or sled dog? Learn about the proper gear, the correct commands and skijoring skills.

Skinning & Hide Prep

Don't let that hide go to waste. Learn how to care for your harvest. This class will teach you how to skin and care for your critter's hide before it goes to the tannery.

Small Game Hunting

Ptarmigan, grouse, and hare can make a tasty dinner. Learn where and how to find them. Learn a bit about hunting with dogs, too!

Smoking Fish

Our instructors have years of smoking experience under their belts. Learn fish prep, filleting, brining techniques, etc. Smoke some Copper River red salmon and take it home to share with family and friends.


Learn how to hike through deep snow with ease! Make tracks and enjoy a winter hike with your group.


Learn about sourdough starters and the process of long fermentation that is crucial to making sourdough. Cook up some sourdough recipes and take home the knowledge, confidence, and skills to make sourdough at home.

Spin Fishing 101

This class will cover equipment, skills and regulations pertaining to spin fishing. Learn how to tie knots, select lures, trolling techniques and casting.

Staying Safe in Bear Country

If you spend much time outdoors in Alaska, you stand a good chance of encountering a bear. Knowing what to do can make a difference between having a positive or a negative experience. Shotgun training is included in this class. Prerequisites: Firearm Safety or a valid Hunter Education, NRA or 4H Firearm Safety Certificate.


Don't get caught unprepared in the wilds or just out of town. Our instructors are experienced outdoor survivors. You'll learn how to face a survival situation with the right attitude, the right tools and with confidence.

Tracking & Trapping

Think you may be interested in trapping? Don't know much about it? Maybe you would like to hone your tracking and animal sign skills. Expert trappers will teach you about various fur bearer habitat, animal signs and trapping techniques.

Wild Edibles

We are surrounded by a variety of wild edible plants, berries, herbs, mushrooms, and intertidal treats. Learn how to identify and prepare these local delicacies.

Wilderness First Aid

In the wilds, you can't call for an ambulance. What to do? Learn how to use your brain and what's available to help someone who needs first aid.

Winter Camping

With some knowledge and the right gear you can go camping in the winter and enjoy it! Class covers gear, food, and safety.

Winter Survival

Learn how to stay safe in the snow and cold weather. You will learn basic survival skills such as putting together a survival kit, fire starting and making snow caves.