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Interior/Northeast Arctic Region - February 17-25, 2017

On-time comments due: Friday, February 3, 2017
Location: Pike's Waterfront Lodge, Fairbanks

Summary of Actions:

Meeting Documents:

RC2: On Time Advisory Committee Comments:

RC3: On Time Public Comments:

RC4: Department Reports and Recommendations:

RC5: Department Recommendations on Proposals:

Written Reports

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC006 (PDF 219 kB) On Time Comment Matrix
RC007 (PDF 38 kB) Cody Shoman Proposal 105
RC008 (PDF 137 kB) Middle Nenana River AC minutes Jan 25 2017
RC009 (PDF 75 kB) Jack Reakoff Proposal 104 105
RC010 (PDF 131 kB) Letter to Attorney General Lands Into Trust
RC011 (PDF 43 kB) Nan Eagleson Prop 142 72
RC012 (PDF 66 kB) Lee Kayotuk Prop 113
RC013 (PDF 72 kB) Yakutat AC Minutes Dec 6 2016 BOG Excerpt
RC014 (PDF 360 kB) Eastern Interior Regional Council Comments
RC015 (PDF 81 kB) Al Barrette Wolverine Reproductive Rate
RC016 (PDF 54 kB) Michael Litzen Comments Prop 82
RC017 (PDF 29 kB) Jere Murray Prop 116
RC018 (PDF 165 kB) List of Federal Issues & Conflicts
RC019 (PDF 24 kB) ADFG Corrected slide RC004 Tab 1
RC020 (PDF 3,257 kB) SOA Comments on Craig Tribal Association trust
RC021 (PDF 120 kB) Richard Bishop Comments on Interior Proposals
RC022 (PDF 243 kB) ADFG Amended language Prop 105
RC023 (PDF 44 kB) Linda DeFoliart Comments on Prop 142
RC024 (PDF 382 kB) Al Barrette The Wolverine's Niche
RC025 (PDF 380 kB) Wayne Kubat Comments on BOG Interior Proposals
RC026 (PDF 218 kB) USFWS NWRS BOG Interior Proposal Comments
RC027 (PDF 60 kB) Steven Perrins BOG Prop 82
RC028 (PDF 1,650 kB) ADFG Porcupine Caribou Herd Implementation Plan Revised 2016
RC029 (PDF 834 kB) ADFG Porcupine Caribou Herd Harvest Management Plan 2010
RC030 (PDF 909 kB) Yukon Govt Presentation
RC031 (PDF 855 kB) NPCA BOG Wolf Buffers
RC032 (PDF 389 kB) Doug Malone Presentation Economic Value of Resident AK Hunters
RC033 (PDF 263 kB) TCC Comments BOG Interior Proposals
RC034 (PDF 2,192 kB) APHA Pamphlet Guided Hunting
RC035 (PDF 331 kB) NPS Wolf Survey Data
RC036 (PDF 309 kB) NPS Denali Wolf Population Estimates
RC037 (PDF 3,014 kB) Middle Nenana River Advisory Committee Minutes Nov 30 2016
RC038 (PDF 117 kB) Joan Frankevich NPCA
RC039 (PDF 87 kB) AWA Prop 142
RC040 (PDF 125 kB) ADFG DWC Correction Slide 116 RC004 Tab2
RC041 (PDF 9 kB) Upper Lynn Canal Advisory Committee Comments on Prop 143
RC042 (PDF 580 kB) Stony Holitna AC Maps Unit 19
RC043 (PDF 275 kB) RHAK BOG Presentation
RC044 (PDF 104 kB) Brad Sparks BOG Presentation
RC045 (PDF 12 kB) ADFG Draft findings seeking clarification on titles for subsistence and general hunts
RC046 (PDF 57 kB) Mark Richards House Bill No. 134
RC047 (PDF 39 kB) Public Testimony Log
RC048 (PDF 47 kB) Aaron Bloomqust Prop 99 109 114
RC049 (PDF 33 kB) Copper River PWS Meeting Minutes 2.20.2017
RC050 (PDF 95 kB) Dave Lorring Alaska Subsistence Collections Public Testimony
RC051 (PDF 1,130 kB) Chris Zwolinski Prop 93
RC052 (PDF 282 kB) ADFG Corrected Slide RC4 Tab4 Prop 86
RC053 (PDF 59 kB) Frank Entsminger for UT40 AC Proposal 89
RC054 (PDF 22 kB) Wendy Robinson wolf buffer
RC055 (PDF 517 kB) APHA SR4
RC056 (PDF 292 kB) Chairman Spraker Letter Sen. Giessel SR4
RC057 (PDF 417 kB) ADFG Emergency Regulations Unit 13 Nelchina Caribou
RC058 (PDF 558 kB) ADFG Joint Board Petition Policy
RC059 (PDF 220 kB) ADFG Emergency Regulations for Nelchina Caribou Amended Language
RC060 (PDF 556 kB) ADFG Prop 104 Map
RC061 (PDF 51 kB) ADFG Amended Language Prop 104
RC062 (PDF 549 kB) ADFG Prop 104 Amended Presentation
RC063 (PDF 1,148 kB) Mary Bishop Personal Testimony
RC064 (PDF 3,018 kB) Mary Bishop Land Trust Letter
RC065 (PDF 158 kB) ADFG BDS letter of support HJ Res 69 multiple signatories
RC066 (PDF 299 kB) Seldovia Minutes Exerpt Proposals 148 149
RC067 (PDF 905 kB) Policy for Changing Board Agenda Draft Language
RC068 (PDF 102 kB) On Time Comment Matrix Corrections
RC069 (PDF 1,024 kB) ADFG 159 Proposal Presentation
RC070 (PDF 406 kB) Member Sager Albaugh Draft Letter USFWS Proposed Rule
RC071 (PDF 168 kB) Miscellaneous Business Agenda
RC072 (PDF 930 kB) BDS Summary Bills re Fish and Game
RC073 (PDF 37 kB) Record Copy Log

Meeting Audio

(Friday, February 17 - Saturday, February 25)

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