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Current Release Version

SPAM 3.7b - January 5, 2005
Version 3.7b eliminates a bug found in version 3.7 but no changes in the documentation were made.

SPAM 3.7b offers an enhancement in estimation of baseline allele frequencies for loci with many low-frequency alleles. It allows for Bayesian modeling of baseline allele frequency distributions within the maximum likelihood scheme. SPAM 3.7b offers two Bayesian models of baseline allele frequency distributions: 1) Rannala-Mountain and 2) Pella-Masuda. The SPAM 3.7 Addendum introduces the new features and illustrates their implementation.

Single zip file with executable, 3.2 User's Guide, Addendum 3.5 and Addendum 3.7 to the User's Guide.

Special thanks goes to Michele Masuda from the Auke Bay Laboratory, who created and added the new capabilities to SPAM.

SPAM 3.7b Documentation

No changes in the documentation were made for SPAM version 3.7b. New users will need all of the following:

Those familiar with the earlier versions of SPAM may just want to download the
SPAM 3.7 Addendum (PDF 291 kB).

How to check which release you currently have.

NOTE: SPAM input files can be created from GENEPOP files using the 'SPAM option' in Whichrun 3.2.

NOTE: Download trial versions of WinZip's compression software.

Version History

A brief history of SPAM, bug corrections, enhancements, etc.