Wolverine Creek Area Planning
Implementation Objectives

Implementation of ADF&G's Management Objectives and Corresponding Visitor
Guidelines for Wolverine Creek Cove, Redoubt Bay Critical Habitat Area

Management Objective Implemented
by Visitor
Guideline No.:
1. No food-conditioning of bears.
Bears are creatures of habit, and will continue to seek out food from the same sources once they have attained it. Bears that perceive humans as a food source can be aggressive toward people, putting visitors at risk, and a food-conditioned bear will eventually have to be destroyed.

1, 3-9
2. Minimize displacement of bears during summer.
The summer season is a critical time for bears to feed and put on weight, which will help them survive the winter. It's important that bears aren't displaced from feeding areas during this time. Also, displaced bears can react aggressively toward visitors.

2, 5, 6, 11
3. Minimize negative impacts to fish and wildlife habitat.
Wolverine Creek lies within the Redoubt Bay Critical Habitat Area, which was established to ensure the protection of fish and wildlife habitat and populations. ADF&G has responsibility to uphold this designation, and maintain the quality of the habitats within the area.

6, 8, 10, 11
4. Maintain recreational opportunities in a high-quality environment.
The RBCHA was also established to provide general recreation in a high quality environment. The Management Plan defines "high quality" as, "a natural landscape containing native plant communities; a full complement of native fish and wildlife species in their naturally occurring diversity and abundance; pristine air and water quality; an absence or only incidental occurrence of man-made noise and structure; and dispersed, low-intensity, seasonal public use."

1 - 11
5. Promote public safety.
While this isn't stated directly within the policies of the RBCHA, ADF&G has an intrinsic interest in visitor safety.

1-9, 11
6. Minimize conflicts among visitors.
The RBCHA Management Plan directs ADF&G to maintain access to this area for different types of use, and minimizing conflicts between users helps accomplish that.