Wolverine Creek Area Planning
Meeting Summary - Wednesday, November 6, 2002 at the Kenai Visitor's Center

Meeting participants

Dave Curry, Marie Curry, Leona Oberts, Mark Glassmaker, Mike Cowan, Alan Helfer, Lance DeSaw, Greg Bell, Mark Bell, Tom Johnson, Steve Stringham, Tim Pope, Joe Hardy, Peter J. Thompson, Carl Dixon, Fred Hirschmann, Ben Stimmel, Judd Manuel, Jeremy Schimmel, Jerry Dunn, Monte Roberts, Robert Siter, George Siter, Gary Fandrei, Keith Phillips, Les Palmer, Pete Heppe, Joe Schuster, Tom Thibodeau, Mark Carr; Joe Meehan, Colleen Matt, Jeff Hughes, Gino Del Frate, Doug Hill, Cindi Loker, Ian Gill, Stewart Seaberg, David Rutz, Jeff Selinger; John Czarneski.

Meeting purpose

To initiate the Wolverine Creek Management Committee (WCMC) process; complete background briefings on use and management of the Wolverine Creek area; discuss the WCMC charter; and select the WCMC.

Welcome and opening remarks

Lisa O'Brien welcomed everyone, discussed the meeting purpose and agenda, and explained the "parking lot" concept. The Parking Lot is where issues and concerns that do not relate directly to the purpose of the WCMC will be placed, so information on the proper channels to address those issues and concerns can be given to the appropriate party. After that, the group members introduced themselves. Jeff Hughes spoke further about the role of the WCMC in the management of Wolverine Creek, and outlined the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's (ADF&G's) changing approach to this type of public process. Lisa O'Brien re-stated the purpose of the meeting, explained that the meeting location had been chosen based on ADF&G's understanding that many users of the area live in Kenai, and that this choice was not intended to exclude anyone from the process. Every other meeting will be held in Anchorage. Lisa then introduced the presenters.

Wolverine Creek background

Joe Meehan gave a presentation outlining the history and purpose of the Redoubt Bay Critical Habitat Area (RBCHA), and historic use of the area.

Colleen Matt gave a presentation outlining the history of ADF&G's involvement in managing the Wolverine Creek area.

Lisa O'Brien opened the floor to questions regarding the presentations. Members of the group asked for clarifications regarding ADF&G's data on bears in the Wolverine Creek area, and about general bear population trends in the surrounding areas. Questions were also asked about the purpose of the Washington State University (WSU) study at Wolverine Creek. ADF&G staff explained that the role of the WSU study was to provide quantifiable information regarding the bears that use Wolverine Creek, and that this information will be provided to all interested parties to help inform the general use of the area.

WCMC process and composition

Cindi Loker outlined the evolution and composition of the Wolverine Creek Management Committee, and ADF&G's approach to the management of the area. She also read key points from her interviews with users of Wolverine Creek.

Members of the group asked questions regarding the rationale behind the composition of the WCMC, and some raised objections to the committee's composition, saying that the proposed WCMC did not fairly reflect the users of the area. Lisa O'Brien reminded the group that all users of the area would still have input into the management process, that a committee is a way to maintain consistency over the two year life of the process, and that ADF&G has a limited amount of resources to devote to this process.

Jeff Hughes discussed the WCMC Charter with the group, explaining the purpose of the document and outlining its major points. Members of the group again raised objections to the composition of the WCMC.

Lisa O'Brien discussed what the requirements for the formation of a committee like the WCMC are (e.g., fair, balanced, inclusive). The group asked for clarification of the "Lodge" category; whether or not that meant all lodges that used the area or only Redoubt Bay Lodge. Members of the group objected to one seat on the WCMC being predetermined. Lisa O'Brien called for the group to vote on changing the "Lodge" category to include one elected representative for all lodges that use Wolverine Creek. A majority of the group favored opening up the "Lodge" category to include all lodges that use the area, so the WCMC composition was amended to reflect this change. Members of the group also objected to "Photographer" as its own discreet category. After discussing this, Lisa O'Brien called for a vote, and a majority of the group was in favor of removing the "Photographer" category. The WCMC composition was amended to reflect this change.

The amended WCMC composition is as follows:
  • 2 Onsite Guides (1 non-Kenai Peninsula)
  • 2 Air Charter Representatives (1 non-Kenai Peninsula)
  • 2 Recreational Users (1 non-Kenai Peninsula)
  • 1 Lodge Representative
In addition to the above member, each seat on the WCMC has one (1) alternate.

At 9:15 pm, Lisa O'Brien asked the group to separate into the four categories and select their representatives for the WCMC, as well as each seat's alternate. She reminded the group that, in addition to agreeing to the provisions of the WCMC Charter, each member of the WCMC must fit the following criteria:

  • user of the Wolverine Creek area
  • knowledgeable about the Wolverine Creek area
  • open-minded and willing to listen and consider different viewpoints
  • motivated to work toward compromise/consensus
  • able to attend meetings (a minimum of two per year) both in Anchorage and on the Kenai Peninsula and, if need
  • available for other activities, and be able to make the commitment to provide information to his or her "constituency" as well as bring information forward from his or her constituency to the WCMC.

The group reconvened at 9:45 and each representative introduced themselves.

Lisa O'Brien outlined the next steps in the process.

The next meeting was set: 5:00 to 10:00 pm on November 20th, 2002, at the Anchorage Senior Center.

Jeff Hughes thanked the group for their time and participation.


The meeting adjourned at 9:55 pm.

Wolverine Creek Management Committee
November 2002

Fishing guides
  • Lance Desaw, Talon Air Service
  • Alternate: Mike Cowan, Alaska West Air

Bear viewing guides

  • Jeremy Schimmel, High Adventure Air
    398-1437 or (206) 524-0497
  • Alternate: Judd Manuel, High Adventure Air

Air charter services

  • Alan Helfer, Talon Air Service
  • Alternate: Mark Bell, High Adventure Air

  • Joe Schuster, Sportsman's Air Service
  • Alternate: Tom Thibodeau, Alaska West Air

Recreational users

  • Peter Thompson
  • Alternate: Steve Stringham

  • Fred Hirschmann
  • Alternate: Pete Heppe


  • Mark Glassmaker, Alaska Fishing With Mark Glassmaker
  • Alternate: Carl Dixon, Redoubt Bay Lodge