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Walrus Islands — State Game Sanctuary

Round Island

Access to Round Island and state waters within 3 miles of Round Island within the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary is restricted by Alaska Regulation (5 AAC 92.066) and requires an Access Permit issued by ADF&G for entry. Access is allowed only by Access Permit and when Sanctuary staff are present, usually between May 1 and August 15. The Access Permit program administered by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game manages visitor access and activities on Round Island to prevent disturbance to the pacific walrus haulout on Round Island, as well as other marine mammals and marine seabirds. The goal of the access permit program is to provide the public with an opportunity to view and photograph pacific walrus and other wildlife, while minimizing impacts to these species and their habitats.

Additional information on the Access Permits required to visit Round Island and the ability to apply online or with a mail-in application are available through the Licensing & Permits Round Island web page. You may also contact Round Island support staff at the address, telephone or e-mail listed on the "Contacts" page if you have any questions or need additional information.

If you are a commercial transporter looking to transport visitors to Round Island a separate Commercial Transporter Access Permit is required. Contact the Walrus Islands SGS Management staff at the address, telephone or e-mail listed on the "Walrus Islands SGS Contacts" page to request a permit, if you have any questions or need additional information..

Other Islands

There are no camps or other facilities on the other islands within WISGS, the only facility is at Round Island. Visitation to these other islands of the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary does not require an Access Permit and is open to most public uses provided the activity does not damage refuge resources, disturb wildlife or disrupt existing public uses. Allowed activities generally include fishing, wildlife watching, hiking and camping. Due to their remote nature, the lack of facilities and transportation difficulties visitation to these other islands is low and visitors need to be prepared to be totally self sufficient.

Hunting and trapping is closed on these islands and on waters within a half mile of these islands. Except that limited subsistence hunting of walrus per State and Federal Regulations is allowed on Round Island. The island rocks known as The Twins are also open to hunting, however there are no game species there to hunt.

Special Area Permits

Other activities occurring anywhere in the sanctuary may require an ADF&G Special Area Permit. For more information on allowed activities and required permits, review the Special Area Permit requirements and contact the Special Area Permit office listed on the Contact Information page.