McNeil River
Permit Winners

2022 McNeil Permit Winners

Successful McNeil River lottery winners for 2022 will be posted after March 15th and names will appear on this page. Please scroll through the list to see if your name appears as a winner. Successful applicants will also be notified by email and by mail beginning March 15. Your notification will include a confirmation number.

You can purchase your permit online or by returning the User Fee Payment Form included in your confirmation letter. You may pay for your permit user fee beginning March 15, and payment needs to be received prior to April 15, 2022, or you will forfeit your permit. Be sure to provide your confirmation code when paying online or via mail.

Permits will be mailed out following the April 15 payment deadline.

A list of other winners in your time block as well as a list of transporters will also be included in your confirmation notification to assist you in travel planning.

If you have questions or need additional information, please email McNeil staff at, or call (907) 267-2281.