Streambank Revegetation and Protection: A Guide for Alaska
Revegetation Techniques: Vegetated Cribbing

Vegetated cribbing is a technique reserved for use at sites where other revegetation techniques may not provide sufficient protection from erosion.

Vegetated cribbing

This technique combines layers of reinforced soil lifts and plant material similar to brush layering with the addition of a protective cribbing. Untreated timbers are notched and keyed into each other to create a crib-like structure. Cross-timbers are periodically installed to increase stability.

Layers of cribbing can be added to reach desired height of bank. The layers can be built vertically or stepped back into the slope with deep or shallow steps. Exposed soil should be seeded to protect from erosion.


  • Stable
  • Prevents soil erosion of bank
  • May provide some fish habitat, may be used in higher velocity situations


  • Very expensive
  • Technically challenging
  • Requires large machinery

Vegetated Cribbing project under construction
Vegetated cribbing project under construction. Note cross timbers.
Project located on the Kenai River
Vegetated Cribbing 3 weeks after installation
Vegetated cribbing 3 weeks after installation