Streambank Revegetation and Protection: A Guide for Alaska

We would like to thank all of the many restoration experts, biologists, botanists, hydrologists, engineers, landscape architects, permitting authorities, municipalities, boroughs, landowners, and resource users who contributed comments to the editing of the original and revised guides. Many of the comments have been incorporated into this revised edition. Although the revegetation guide was not large enough to incorporate all the subject material suggested, the comments provided may lead to further publications on related subjects.

This project has been accomplished by the contributions of many individuals including the professional staff at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) and the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Plant Materials Center. A special thanks is extended to Frances Inoue, cartographer, who produced drawings, graphics and layout for the guide.

Photos are provided courtesy of the ADF&G and the USFWS. Unless otherwise stated, photos were provided by ADF&G staff. We wish to express our appreciation for funding provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Wetland Protection Program, grant number CD-97017401 and the Kenai Watershed Forum, contract agreement DWF-DRC-008.