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Redoubt Bay — Critical Habitat Area
Visitor Information

Public Use and Access

Redoubt Bay is one of the most popular non-road accessible waterfowl hunting areas in the state. Waterfowl hunters get to the area by boat or plane and annually spend over 500 hunter-days harvesting several thousand ducks and several hundred geese. Fly-in sport fishing on Big River Lake and the Kustatan River is a popular and growing activity. A small commercial gillnet fishery is present along the shores of Redoubt Bay. Off-road use of motorized vehicles (except snow machines, boats, and the landing of aircraft) in the critical habitat area requires a special area permit from the Department of Fish and Game, Habitat and Restoration Division.

Wolverine Creek

Wolverine Creek on Big River Lake has become a popular sport fishing and bear-viewing destination with over 9,000 people visiting in 2002. This intensive use has created unique management challenges, and the department has invited the public to help guide in the management of the site. In November 2002, ADF&G convened the Wolverine Creek Management Committee (WCMC) to develop and agree on voluntary guidelines Management Guidelines for the Wolverine Creek and Big River Lakes Area (PDF 179 kB) for the area. The department hopes to work cooperatively to design and implement ways in which people and bears can co-exist in this unique environment.