Marine Mammal Program Overviews
Gulf and Bering Marine Mammal Program

Marine Mammal Program
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The Gulf and Bering Marine Mammal Program conducts field research on marine mammals living in southeastern Alaska and Prince William Sound, and we also work in the western Gulf of Alaska, Aleutian Islands and Bering Sea. Our studies include Steller sea lion population dynamics, physiology and disease, animal movements and diving behavior, genetics, nutrition and body condition; investigating the diet, habitat use, and the impacts of anthropogenic noise on the foraging behavior of Cook Inlet beluga whales; capturing and disentangling live stranded Steller sea lions from fishing gear and marine debris, tracking their survival, and educating about the impacts of marine debris on marine mammals. Additionally, we make recommendations on how commercial, industrial recreational, and other uses of State of Alaska public lands and waters may be utilized while minimizing impacts to marine wildlife and their habitat.