Direct Marketers

photo of set nets along Bristol Bay The Direct Marketer License is a Fisheries Business License. It allows you to sell, process, or export only your own catch or have your catch custom processed.  A Direct Marketer license does not allow you to purchase fish from other fisherman for resale, or to custom process for other fisherman.

Direct Marketer FAQs

Who Can Apply?

You may apply as a Direct Marketer if:

  • You have a valid Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission or IFQ permit for the current year.
  • You are operating as a sole proprietorship or as an individual.
  • You are operating on a vessel that is less than or equal to 65 feet in length.
  • You will be catching and selling processed or unprocessed resources within the state or outside of the state.
  • You will be processing your own fishery resources or have a licensed business custom process your resources on your behalf.

How to Apply?

APPLY ONLINE: Applications will be accepted through the Alaska Department of Revenue's (DOR) Revenue Online. This will be the fastest and easiest way to have your permit issued.


More information about Revenue Online can be found on the Revenue Online Help page. For assistance with obtaining a DOR letter Id please call the Dept. Of Revenue at 907 465 2320 option 4 and ask for the fish group. For assistance with enrolling in Revenue Online please contact (907)269-0041 or (907)269-6627 or email:

Additional Requirements

If you intend to process your own catch to enter into commerce for human consumption, or have questions about processing, please see the Department of Environmental Conservation's publication, Commercial Marketing or Processing of Seafood on Vessels. Other great information can be found on the DEC's SEAFOOD webpage.

If you are selling any federally managed fisheries such as halibut or Pacific cod, you will need to contact NOAA to determine their requirements.  They can be reached at 1-800-304-4846 or

More Information

A helpful tool has been created by the Marine Advisory Program to assist Direct Marketers. Please see their website: .

Alaska Fish and Wildlife News Article: Selling Alaska Fish All Over the World, Direct Market Fishermen