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Lower Cook Inlet Finfish – November 30–December 3, 2016

Comment due date: November 15, 2016
Location: Homer – Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center

Meeting Summary (PDF 117 kB)

Meeting Documents

Department Reports

CFEC Report

Department of Law Memo

Meeting Proposals

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Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC005 (PDF 77 kB) Lindsey Bloom Response to BOF on Title 16
RC006 (PDF 209 kB) Seldovia Village Tribe Emergency Petition
RC007 (PDF 577 kB) Central Peninsula AC Minutes November 17 2016 meeting
RC008 (PDF 318 kB) Cook Inlet Aquaculture Assoc Prop 39 thru 41
RC009 (PDF 361 kB) ADFG Kenai King Escapement FAQs
RC010 (PDF 200 kB) Cook Inlet Recreational Fishermen Support Prop 19 thru 27
RC011 (PDF 124 kB) Nick Dudiak Support Prop 21 23 27
RC012 (PDF 66 kB) Jim Lavrakas Public Testimony
RC013 (PDF 52 kB) Charlie Black Support Prop 43
RC014 (PDF 78 kB) Alray Carroll Photo re Prop 43
RC015 (PDF 118 kB) Dianne Watson Hatchery website info
RC016 (PDF 356 kB) Jim Stubbs Oppose Prop 6 and 7
RC017 (PDF 106 kB) Chris Perry Oppose Prop 39 and 41
RC018 (PDF 210 kB) Henry Bissell Public Testimony Progress Report
RC019 (PDF 177 kB) ADFG Public Testimony list
RC020 (PDF 163 kB) Daniel Donich Testimony and Table info
RC021 (PDF 79 kB) Gary Sinnhuber Oppose Prop 10
RC022 (PDF 60 kB) Joseph Person Prop 46 withdraw
RC023 (PDF 111 kB) ADFG Resurrection Bay map
RC024 (PDF 15 kB) ADFG Proposal 35 Substitute Language
RC025 (PDF 264 kB) Malcolm Milne CIAA Annual Report
RC026 (PDF 173 kB) ADFG Proposal 32 Lingcod Daily Harvest
RC027 (PDF 82 kB) ADFG Proposal 36 Boundary Information
RC028 (PDF 45 kB) Malcolm Milne Ressurection Bay composition
RC029 (PDF 16 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposals 4-5
RC030 (PDF 9 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 42
RC031 (PDF 109 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 43
RC032 (PDF 203 kB) Dianne Watson Seward Harbor Improvement Project
RC033 (PDF 34 kB) Malcolm Milne Prop 39 allocation
RC034 (PDF 289 kB) Reed Morisky HB41 Final
RC035 (PDF 33 kB) Jim Stubbs Prop 12 amendment
RC036 (PDF 57 kB) ADFG Proposal 277 substitute language
RC037 (PDF 106 kB) Peter Zimmerman Prop 21 and 23 info
RC038 (PDF 45 kB) Scott Ulmer Jeromy Jordan comments on Kachemak kings
RC039 (PDF 31 kB) ADFG Prop 12 Substitute Language
RC040 (PDF 118 kB) Pete Zimmerman Prop 19 thru 27 amended
RC041 (PDF 34 kB) ADFG LCI SW king salmon stocks
RC042 (PDF 133 kB) ADFG Seldovia Village Tribe petition response
RC043 (PDF 130 kB) ADFG BOF draft letter habitat permitting
RC044 (PDF 63 kB) ADFG BOF Misc Business Agenda
RC045 (PDF 182 kB) ADFG RC Log LCI 2016

Meeting Audio

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