Southeast Alaska & Yakutat location map

IFQ Sablefish Fishing Prohibited in State Waters
Southeast Alaska & Yakutat Commercial Fisheries

The harvest of sablefish is prohibited in all state waters of the Southeast District by participants in the federal Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) sablefish fishery. This includes internal state waters, waters of the outer coast within the three nautical mile line (0-3 nm), and waters extending 3 miles seaward of the baseline defined in 5 AAC 39.975(13). For information on the federal sablefish IFQ fishery contact NOAA enforcement: 907-747-6940 (Sitka); 907-586-7225 (Juneau); 907-772-2285 (Petersburg); or 907- 247-5804 (Ketchikan).

Sablefish Closed Areas Map