Cook Inlet location map

Commercial Fisheries Overview
Cook Inlet Management Area

Akjemguiga and McNeil Cove

The Cook Inlet Management Area is located in the Central Gulf of Alaska and comprised of all waters west of the longitude of Cape Fairfield and north of the latitude of Cape Douglas. Area marine waters vary from the numerous fjord-like bays along the north Gulf of Alaska coast to the moderately protected waters of Kachemak Bay and the high-energy shoreline of Kamishak Bay. All five species of Pacific salmon, Pacific herring, and smelt are commercially harvested in the Cook Inlet Area. Numerous groundfish species are also commercially harvested in directed fisheries including Pacific cod, sablefish, lingcod, and pelagic shelf rockfish (primarily black rockfish). Other groundfish species commercially harvested as bycatch to other directed groundfish and halibut fisheries include walleye pollock, skate, and a variety of rockfish species. Shellfish species commercially harvested in the Cook Inlet Area are octopus, which may be retained as bycatch to other directed fisheries, and razor clams. Historically, the area supported crab, littleneck clam, and shrimp fisheries, but these fisheries are currently closed while stocks rebuild. These varied resources are assessed and managed by Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Soldotna and Homer.