Loons & Grebes
Alaska's Loons and Grebes

Alaska’s Loons & Grebes

Common Loon

Alaska is home to all five species of Loons, however, only 3 species are commonly found in Southcentral and Interior Alaska: The Common Loon; the Pacific Loon; and the Red-Throated Loon. Of these three, you are most likely to see Common and Pacific Loons. The remaining two loon species, Yellow-billed and Arctic Loons, breed primarily in arctic coastal areas.

Horned Grebe

There are two Grebe species that typically reside in Southcentral and Interior Alaska: the Red-Necked Grebe, and the Horned Grebe. The Western Grebe and the Pied-Billed Grebe are rarely found in Alaska.

Both Loons and Grebes are migratory bird species, spending their summers in clear, freshwater lakes and their winters in coastal marine waters.