Aquatic Farm Authorization Requirements
Activities Managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers

Activities Covered:

Authorizes the placement of aquatic farm structures in navigable waters within the State of Alaska.


To prevent unauthorized obstruction or alteration of any navigable water of the United States.


Dependent on what type of authorization is required for the project. There are two permit types are used for aquatic farm projects:

Letter of Permission (LOP) — Letters of permission are a type of permit issued through an abbreviated processing procedure. It includes coordination with federal and state fish and wildlife agencies as required by the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, and a public interest evaluation but without the publishing of an individual public notice. The letter is an expedited process for an individual permit, where a decision to issue is made within 45 days.

Individual Permit — Individual permits are issued following a full public interest review of an individual application for an Army permit. A public notice, usually lasting 30 days, is distributed to all known interested persons. The permit decision is generally based on the outcome of a public interest balancing process, where the benefits of the project are weighed against the detriments.

More details on each permit can be found here.

For monitoring - Site inspections may be conducted.



More Information: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District

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