Aquatic Farm Authorization Requirements
Activities Managed by the Department of Environmental Conservation

The Department of Environmental Conservation issues many different permits.

Activities Covered:
Water quality classification; shellfish harvester permit, processing, and shipper permits; paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) testing; export certifications, and authorizations for dive boats to be used for shellfish harvesting.
Sanitary control of regulated food, seafood, and public facilities to protect public health. Regulation is in accordance with the National Shellfish Sanitation Program requirements.
Various applications and forms, monitoring programs, testing, and inspections.
  • Water quality classification: Variable, to cover costs of shoreline survey, testing, etc.
  • Shellfish harvester permit: $162.00
  • Paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) testing: Variable, to cover shipment and testing
  • Export certifications: $25.00 for each certificate issued
  • Authorizations for dive boats to be used for shellfish harvesting: $162.00

More Information: Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Environmental Health

Department of Environmental Conservation
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