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Sheefish (Stenodus leucichthys)

Sheefish are a valuable subsistence resource to rural Alaskans. In the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers, sheefish are usually the first fish seen in the spring after the river ice breaks up. Sheefish are valued as a source of fresh fish prior to the onset of Pacific salmon runs. In other rivers like the Selawik River in western Alaska that do not have salmon runs, sheefish are of even greater importance to the subsistence lifestyle.

Sheefish are a popular sport fish. Sheefish primarily eat other fish, therefore a brightly colored or shiny lure that looks like a small fish in distress will be very enticing to a hungry sheefish. Sport fishing is an important component of the economy in Alaska.

Currently, there is no directed commercial fishery on sheefish in the state of Alaska.

Here is a yummy recipe for halibut that is great with sheefish too.