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Escapement Counts Data

Much data are collected during the course of managing salmon fisheries or operating stock assessment and research in AYK. We have attempted to categorize related data into “types” allowing them to reside in separate databases which can accommodate their different data structure. Not all data “types” have been added to our DBMS. Currently we include ASL, CPUE, Escapement Counts, Harvest, and Survey Counts data. This is in contrast to data relating to radio telemetry locations of salmon, environmental measurements (temperature, water depth, velocity, etc.) or juvenile salmon data which could be added at a later time.

The escapement count data type consists of daily counts or daily estimates of salmon (Oncorhynchus sp) in the AYK Region. Salmon are counted by observers stationed along freshwater migration corridors. Salmon were 1) counted as they were allowed to pass upriver through weirs, 2) counted as they migrated upriver past observers in elevated (towers) locations and, 3) counted by sonar equipment placed in the river. Tower and sonar counts generally represent a sample and are expanded to represent a 24 h period. A number of projects have collected counts since 1965 and represent total spawning populations in major spawning rivers or their tributaries draining into Kotzebue Sound, Norton Sound, Port Clarence, Bering Sea or the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers. Location, daily count (or estimate), date collected, and count type (observed or estimated) are included in the data set. Data are collected to estimate or document total spawning abundance; and estimate and document daily and seasonal timing of salmon migrating into the rivers of the AYK Region. Though ADF&G is the lead agency we have attempted to include all project data collected in AYK by federal agencies and non-governmental organizations. New project data will be added as we become aware of them. 

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