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Catch Per Unit of Effort (CPUE) Data

Much data are collected during the course of managing salmon fisheries or operating stock assessment and research in AYK. We have attempted to categorize related data into “types” allowing them to reside in separate databases which can accommodate their different data structure. Not all data “types” have been added to our DBMS. Currently we include ASL, CPUE, Escapement Counts, Harvest, and Survey Counts data. This is in contrast to data relating to radio telemetry locations of salmon, environmental measurements (temperature, water depth, velocity, etc.) or juvenile salmon data which could be added at a later time.

The Catch per Unit of Effort (CPUE) data type consists of catches of salmon (Oncorhynchus sp.) collected with standardized gear and fishing procedures by ADF&G employees or other cooperating groups. Explicit location, time of day (if less than continuous) and gear dimensions used to capture salmon are also collected. CPUE are calculated from these data. Test fisheries generally collect CPUE data to monitor salmon migrations and relative abundance. CPUE data are also collected as a secondary objective by other project types. For example CPUE data are collected as the result of fishing to collect salmon to tag (Capture/Recapture projects). Fish wheels, set gillnets and drift gillnets have been used in AYK. CPUE has been expressed for drift gillnets as number of salmon per 100 fathom hours fished. CPUE for set gillnets has been expressed as catch per day. Only CPUE data from Norton Sound and Kotzebue test fisheries currently reside in the AYKDBMS. These data represent test fish projects operated in the mouth of the Unalakleet River since 1981 and the lower Kobuk River since 1993. Other AYK CPUE data will be included, as time allows. 

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