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Wolf (Canis lupus)

Wolves in Alaska are managed as both a big game animal and a furbearer; they are hunted and also trapped. Each year, hunters and trappers harvest about 1,300 wolves in the state, with up to an additional 200 animals or so taken annually via intensive management (predator control) programs. As with all furs, the prices paid for wolf pelts vary from year to year. All harvested wolves must be taken to an Alaska Department of Fish and Game or representative office for “sealing,” a process in which the hide is examined, recorded and a tag or seal is affixed.

Wolves are also valued intrinsically. They represent a spirit of wildness, wilderness, and something quintessentially Alaskan to many people. Although they are very difficult to view because of their elusive behavior, wildlife watchers cherish the occasional sightings. Sightings are more common in parks such as Denali.