Small Scale Mining Permits

Fish Habitat Permits for Small Scale Mining are issued by the Habitat Section for:

  • Use of a suction dredge with an intake diameter of six inches or less and powered by an engine 18 horsepower or less
  • Use of a sluice box and small water pump (18 horsepower or less) to process material gathered with hand tools (commonly referred to as “high banking”)

Permits can be obtained at our Anchorage, Fairbanks, Palmer, and Soldotna offices and are generally issued over-the-counter. We have also developed regional General Permits for some areas in Southcentral Alaska.

Permit application forms and General Permits are listed by region and available for download below:

Interior Alaska
Fairbanks Small Scale Mining Application (PDF 388 kB) Steese Highway Area List (PDF 39 kB)
Dalton Highway Area List (PDF 139 kB) Fortymile Area List (PDF 189 kB)
Additional Interior Region Streams (PDF 71 kB)
Anchorage Area Anadromous and Resident Stream Application (PDF 322 kB)
Small-Scale Recreational Mining - Peterson Creek Recreational Mining (PDF 748 kB)
Mat-Su Anadromous and Resident Stream Application (PDF 2,149 kB)
Small-Scale Recreational Mining - Caribou Creek Recreational Mining Area (PDF 593 kB)
Small-Scale Recreational Mining - Petersville Recreational Mining Area (PDF 1,032 kB)
Kenai Peninsula
Small-Scale Recreational Mining - Sixmile Creek and Tributaries (PDF 652 kB)
Small-Scale Recreational Mining - Resurrection Creek and Tributaries (PDF 1,155 kB)
Kenai Peninsula Anadromous & Resident Streams Application (PDF 814 kB)
Southeast Alaska
Southeastern Alaska Streams Application (PDF 5,019 kB)
Other Agency General Permits
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers General Permit (USACE) Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Small Suction Dredge General Permit (ADEC)