Wrangell — Bears, Birds and a Whole Lot More
Wildlife Viewing

photo of Wrangell area wildlife

Look for eagles, harbor seals and Steller sea lions while searching for ancient rock carvings at Petroglyph Beach. Rent a car and explore Wrangell Island, keeping an eye out for Sitka black-tailed deer, bears, moose and other wildlife. Walk or bicycle along Zimovia Strait, watching for great blue herons feeding in the shallows. Pitch a tent at one of the area’s many campsites for the chance to watch for wildlife in the late evening and early morning hours, when activity is highest. These are only a few of the alternatives on Wrangell’s assorted menu of wildlife viewing possibilities. Spectacular seasonal events near Wrangell include bears feeding on salmon at Anan Creek, the second largest concentration of bald eagles in the world, and the migratory refueling stops of swans, snow geese and shorebirds on the Stikine River Delta. The USDA Forest Service office has detailed information about varied habitats to increase your bird viewing chances. For a diverse complement of wildlife viewing, landscapes (from a tidewater glacier to caves with ancient animal bones), cultures, and old-fashioned Alaska hospitality, combine your Wrangell visit with trips to Petersburg and Prince of Wales Island. The new Inter-Island ferry offers convenient connections between these three destinations, collectively known as Alaska’s Rainforest Islands. For information on tours and lodging, consult the Wrangell Convention and Visitors Bureau. Visit http://www.wrangell.com/visitors or call 1-800-367-9745. In Wrangell, stop by the James and Elsie Nolan Center or call 874-2829.

Wrangell Wildlife Viewing Sites