Purchasing Your License Online and eSigning Your License
Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eSigned license?

An eSigned license is a hunting, sport fishing, trapping, or commercial crewmember license that has been signed using an electronic signature. An electronic signature is a notation on a document used to capture the signer’s approval/agreement to the contents of the document.

Do all license types require a signature?

YES! No matter which type of license you carry, it must have a physical signature or eSignature on it to be valid.

What do I need and how do I get an eSigned license?

You will need an email account, an ADF&G account (this is different than a myAlaska account, you can register for an ADF&G account here, it only takes a few moments), and an electronic device that allows internet access. When you sign in and shop the ADF&G online store for a license, you will be prompted to eSign your license on the purchasing agreement page. Please note that you will only be able to eSign a license for yourself and not licenses purchased for other individuals on the same order. Once your order is complete, you will have the ability to save the eSigned license to your mobile device and carry it on your person. It is the responsibility of the license holder to ensure their mobile device has a charged battery.

Can I buy a license for another individual? If so, how can that individual obtain an eSigned license?

If you purchase a license for another individual, you cannot eSign their license for them. Each individual must sign their personal license. The individual must sign in to their ADF&G account or create an ADF&G account, in order to eSign their own license. Once an individual is signed in to their ADF&G account, the individual can go to “My Profile” and view their current items. Their current license will allow them to “Add electronic signature to this license.” Once the individual completes this eSignature process, they will be able to “Download Electronically Signed License” to their mobile device.

Can I print my eSigned license, so I don’t have to carry my electronic device?

Yes. You can print all hunting, sport fishing, trapping, and commercial crewmember licenses on paper. All licenses must be signed and in possession of the licensee, whether it is a physical signature or eSignature, before partaking in any fishing, hunting, or trapping activities.

What are the different formats a license can come in?

There are three types of license formats: printed/electronic licenses, eSigned licenses, and carbon copy licenses.

  1. Printed/Electronic Licenses: This format is available at ADF&G offices, most license vendors, and our online store. At time of purchase you will receive a copy of your license in PDF format. There are three ways to carry a printed/electronic license.
    1. You may print a copy of your license, physically sign it, and carry it on your person.
    2. You may download an electronic version to your phone and sign the license by utilizing tools avialable through your mobile device.
    3. You may carry a digital version by taking a picture of your signed license with your mobile device.
  2. eSigned Licenses: This format is only available through your ADF&G account in the online store. Purchasing a license for yourself through your ADF&G account will automatically provide you with an eSigned license. This license can be stored and viewed on your electronic device. You may also print this license version and carry the physical copy on your person.
  3. Carbon Copy Licenses: This format is being reduced and is only available at select vendors and some ADF&G offices. This license is handwritten and the licensee receives a carbon copy. If this license is lost, a duplicate license must be issued at a cost of $5.00.

Am I still required to record my sport caught fish which have annual limits?

Yes. You are still required to record your sport caught fish that have annual limits immediately upon landing your catch. If you choose to carry an electronic copy of your eSigned license, you may either record your harvest on your electronic license by using tools available through your mobile device or print your license and record your harvest in the space provided.

Am I still required to log my Harvest Ticket(s) on my license?

Yes. You must ensure that your harvest ticket number and bear bait registration permit number has been recorded on your license.

Do I need to carry my Harvest Ticket(s) and Permit(s) in the field and validate these items when I harvest an animal?

If you choose to carry an eSigned license on your mobile device, you are still required to carry and validate a physical copy of your Harvest Tickets and Permits when you harvest an animal in the field.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please contact the Licensing Section at (907) 465-2376 or adfg.license@alaska.gov.