Longevity Awards

These dedicated individuals have served six or more years on an Advisory Committee in service to Alaska's fisheries and game. Regional coordinators and ACs nominate members annually based on records of service. Service does not need to be in consecutive years to qualify.

Longevity Award Winners

Western Region

Name Advisory Committee
Joseph Moses John, Sr.Central Bering Sea
David Kusak CarlCentral Bering Sea
Joseph Moses JohnCentral Bering Sea
David BillCentral Bering Sea
David Abraham BillCentral Bering Sea
Tommy KusaiakCentral Bering Sea
Paul SunnyCentral Bering Sea
Stan AtchakCentral Bering Sea
Charlie SpudCentral Bering Sea
Willie AttiCentral Bering Sea
Jimmie PaulCentral Bering Sea
Peter JuliusCentral Bering Sea
Nick KameroffCentral Kuskokwim
Ole HunterCoastal Lower Yukon
Raymond OneyCoastal Lower Yukon
Edward Adams, Sr.Coastal Lower Yukon
Frank BerezkinLower Kuskokwim
James CharlesLower Kuskokwim
John NicholasLower Kuskokwim
Zacharian ChaliakLower Kuskokwim
Sandra NicoriLower Kuskokwim
John WassillieLower Kuskokwim
Henry Tikiun, Sr.Lower Kuskokwim
Henry ParksLower Kuskokwim
Willie PhillipLower Kuskokwim
Jackson  Williams, Sr.Lower Kuskokwim
Phillip Peter, Sr.Lower Kuskokwim
John AndrewLower Kuskokwim
William "Charlie" BrownLower Kuskokwim
Stanislaus SheppardMid-Lower Yukon
Evan Polty, Sr.Mid-Lower Yukon
Charlie GustyStony/Holitna
Doug CarneyStony/Holitna
Barb CarlsonStony/Holitna
John ZellerStony/Holitna
Farron BobbyStony/Holitna