Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

08/216/2019 – 08/231/2019

Requested Tracking Map
From 4 to 19 August, we received locations for 5 ringed and 1 spotted seal. Two ringed seals (RS19-01-M, red arrow, and RS19-04-M, blue arrow) moved east along the Beaufort Sea coast of Alaska; RS19-04-M moved into the eastern Beaufort Sea, near the outlet of the Mackenzie River, Canada. Ringed seals RS19-02-M (yellow arrow) and RS19-05-M (purple arrow) generally made localized movements near the continental shelf-break (200-m isobath) in the northern Chukchi Sea. RS19-03-M (orange arrow) stayed in the central Chukchi Sea. Spotted seal SS18-02-M (brown circle) made localized movements and hauled out near Scammon Bay in the Bering Sea. Sea ice data are courtesy of the U.S. National Ice Center, dated 19 August 2019 (

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