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Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush)

Sport Fishery

A general knowledge of lake trout habits can pay dividends to the angler. In spring, when lake waters are cold, trout can be found near the surface and along the shoreline. As the season progresses, lakers go deeper and finally reside beneath the thermocline. Most successful lake trout anglers use bright spinners or spoons while fishing from shore or near inlet and outlet streams. Trolling slowly through deep, colder water layers and along steep rock walls or dropoffs produces good catches of lake trout. Large spoons, often in combination with cut bait, are most effective when fishing through the winter ice. Natural mortality is low in most lake trout populations; however, slow growth, alternate year spawning, and older ages at maturity combine to make lake trout populations susceptible to overharvest by subsistence and recreational fisheries. The practice of good conservation ethics will go a long way towards ensuring healthy trout populations for future Alaska anglers.


Lake trout are renowned for their delicate flavor and firm meat.

Lake Trout Recipes (PDF 82 kB)