Mobile App FAQ

  1. What does the mobile app do?
  2. The mobile app will allow you to:

    1. Obtain and display licenses, permits, stamps & tags;
    2. Record and report fishing harvest;
    3. Record game harvested;
    4. Access regulations; and
    5. Receive notifications about areas of interest to you (coming soon!)

    If there’s another feature you’d really love to see in the app, please let us know by emailing:

  3. How do I download the mobile app?
  4. Search for “ADFG Mobile App” in the App Store for iPhone, or in Google Play for Android.

  5. If I already have a login for ADF&G’s online store, can I use that for the app as well?
  6. Yes, the ADF&G app uses the same login as ADF&G’s online store

  7. How do I create an account?
  8. An ADF&G or myAlaska account is required to use the app. To create an ADF&G account through the app, you will need to have internet or cellular connection.

    1. When you open the app, you will land on the "User List" screen. Tap the plus + button in the upper right.
    2. Select the blue "Register Here" button. You will enter some basic information about yourself then create a login with your email and a password. If you have a myAlaska account, you can use your myAlaska username and password to create an account.

  9. Why can’t I use my Apple ID to sign in?
  10. The mobile app was not designed to use third party logins.

    1. At this time we are not able to support Apple ID. As an alternative, users may sign in using an email and password. If you have used myAlaska or Google to sign in on the ADF&G Store in the past, you may keep using these options.

  11. Are all fishing and hunting permits available on the app?
  12. Due to the large quantity and wide array of Alaska fishing permits, only a select few of the most widely used fishing permits are currently available in the app. For the remaining permits, you will notice an indicator stating a permit is “Not Available in Mobile App” on the online store underneath the name of the fishing permit. We will continue to add more fishing permits in later releases of the app. The fishing permits currently available in the app are:

    1. Upper Cook Inlet Personal Use Salmon Permit
    2. Chitina Personal Use Salmon Permit
    3. Copper River/Bering River, Prince William Sound Area Subsistence Salmon Permit
    4. Prince William Sound Shrimp Permit
    5. Southeast Alaska King Crab Personal Use Permit

    All hunting permits that can be obtained online are available in the app. This includes all general season hunting permits (harvest tickets) and most registration permits. Drawing, Tier I Nelchina, and Tier II permits aren’t currently available in the app but may be added at a future date.

  13. How do I obtain a license/permit/big game locking-tag through the mobile app?
  14. After logging into the app, you will see a shopping cart icon in the upper left.

    1. Tapping the cart will take you to the ADF&G online store where you can obtain licenses, permits, stamps and big game locking-tags.
    2. After you complete your transaction in the store, tap either the left arrow or the “X” at the top of the screen to return to the app then click My Documents (bottom left) and see your newly obtained items.
    3. Please note: Big game locking-tags will be mailed to the address provided, while the big game locking-tag record will display in the mobile app.
    4. Please note: The fishing permits that have yet to be configured for the mobile app will have an indicator on the online store saying they are not available for the mobile app.

  15. My license/permit/stamp/big game locking-tag does not appear in the app when I exit the store. What do I do?
    1. On the My Documents screen, tap the Refresh icon (two arrows in a circle in the upper right) or swipe down on the screen.
    2. If that doesn’t work, close and reopen the app.
    3. If that doesn’t work, go to the user list and swipe left on your username to log out, then log in again by using the plus + button.
    4. If your item(s) still don’t appear on the My Documents screen, please contact:

  16. How do I find the sport fishing/hunting regulations for where I am currently located?
    1. From the bottom of the screen, tap the Regulations option then select Fish or Hunt on the upper tab. Scroll through the list and tap the area or subject of interest to open the regulation details.
    2. From the bottom of the screen, tap the Map option, then select Fish or Hunt on the upper tab. If your location services are turned on, your location should appear on the map. Otherwise, simply navigate to your area of interest. View the regulations for a location by tapping on the unit number.

  17. How do I update my profile information? For example: I have a new address.
  18. Profile information cannot be updated from the app, but can be updated when accessing your profile from a web browser.

    1. From your internet browser go to: and click "Sign in" or "myADF&G".
    2. After logging in select "Manage Profile". Edit the necessary information then click the Save button at the bottom.

  19. What if my phone battery dies while I’m fishing/hunting and wildlife enforcement asks to see my documents?
  20. If you feel that your phone won’t have a reliable charge or power source while fishing/hunting, we recommend that you carry your documents in paper form. However, if you have both, you must remember to record any required harvest on the paper copy as well as in the app.

  21. Will the app work outside of cellular/Wi-Fi range?
  22. While offline the app can:

    1. Display licenses
    2. Display permits & stamps
    3. Record & display harvest
    It can also display maps and regulations while offline as long as you previously downloaded them while in service range. The app will also retain your login for 28 days from the most recently detected online activity.

    *The app must be opened for at least two minutes while online to have these offline capabilities.

    *New/additional licenses, permits and stamps cannot be obtained while offline.

  23. Can I keep my family’s licenses and permits on my phone, or do their documents have to be kept on theirs?
  24. Yes. You can add users to the User List in the app.

    1. Either create accounts for your family members, or if they have an existing account, you’ll simply utilize their login information to add them to the app on your phone.
    2. To access other’s information, the user will need to toggle back and forth between accounts.

  25. Can I have a license/permit on the app, but also keep a paper copy to record my harvest?
  26. If you’re concerned that you can’t depend on your phone’s power while hunting/fishing, you may carry a paper copy as well. However, if you have both, you must remember to record any required harvest on the paper copy as well as in the app.

  27. Can I use the app to proxy hunt/fish for someone?
  28. The mobile app does not support proxy hunting/fishing at this time.

  29. I made a mistake when I recorded my harvest in the app. Can I change it?
  30. Once harvest records are submitted, they cannot be changed by the app user. However, some harvest record errors can be amended by an ADF&G Permit Coordinator. Please email your name, permit type, permit number and a description of your harvest record error to the permit contact listed on your permit.

  31. Who do I contact if I'm having a technical issue registering, logging in, or purchasing any endorsements through the app?
  32. You can contact us at

  33. Who do I contact if I have questions about hunting or fishing permits or information about hunting and fishing I'm seeing on the app?
  34. For questions about hunting or fishing permits, or other information about hunting and fishing please contact your local ADF&G office or the permit contact listed on your permit.

  35. I think I found a bug in the app. How do I report it?
  36. Please contact us at: