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Upper Cook Inlet Finfish: February 7-19, 2020

Comment due date: January 23, 2020
Location: Anchorage – Egan Center
Training opportunity: Friday, Feb. 7 (first meeting day), ~12:10pm. Boards Support Section is hosting a training course, How to Navigate the Board Process (PDF 3,395 kB) during the lunch break in the main meeting area. The training will occur roughly ten minutes after the noon break and last approximately one hour. All are welcome. Call Boards Support, 907-465-4110, for more information.

The public testimony sign-up process will be different for UCI. Please read the additional notice (PDF 28 kB) info for details.

Draft Summary of Actions (PDF 491 kB)

Meeting Documents

Department Reports

Department of Law Memo (PDF 44 kB)

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 725 kB)

CFEC Permit Holdings and Estimates of Gross Earnings in the Cook Inlet Commercial Salmon Fisheries, 1975-2018 (revised 1/21/2020) (PDF 997 kB) & Addendum to CFEC Report (PDF 163 kB)

Meeting Proposals

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Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC005 (PDF 88 kB) NPS-Lake Clark NPP Prop 210
RC006 (PDF 1,057 kB) Vern Noble Prop 169
RC007 (PDF 94 kB) Mt Yenlo AC Jan 31 Minutes
RC008 (PDF 618 kB) ADF&G Sub Lang Prop 241
RC009 (PDF 2,328 kB) ADF&G Chuitna & Theodore River King Action Plan
RC010 (PDF 1,992 kB) ADF&G Alexander Creek King Action Plan
RC011 (PDF 2,267 kB) ADF&G Eastside Susitna King Action Plan
RC012 (PDF 60 kB) Mat-Su Delegation Support MSBFWC
RC013 (PDF 260 kB) Kodiak AC minutes 2.3.2020
RC014 (PDF 143 kB) Kenai Peninsula Borough Resolution 2020 012
RC015 (PDF 326 kB) Member Payton Data Request Susitna Sockeye
RC016 (PDF 388 kB) Jeff Fox petition Susitna king
RC017 (PDF 1,093 kB) Jeff Fox petition Kenai sockeye
RC018 (PDF 921 kB) Jeff Fox petition Percentile
RC019 (PDF 562 kB) Roland Maw proposals 88-102
RC020 (PDF 953 kB) Dave Martin proposals 88-102
RC021 (PDF 223 kB) Sandra Bell prop 230 231 232
RC022 (PDF 30 kB) Benton Stimmel prop 230 231 232
RC023 (PDF 76 kB) ADF&G for Member Payton Susitna Drainage sport effort
RC024 (PDF 604 kB) OSM comment
RC025 (PDF 809 kB) Bob Penney ADN editorial
RC026 (PDF 53 kB) Howard Delo proposal 205
RC027 (PDF 161 kB) Howard Delo Conservation Corrior
RC028 (PDF 136 kB) Mat-Su Borough Support MSBFWC
RC029 (PDF 335 kB) Gary Hollier support 175 176
RC030 (PDF 33 kB) Gary Hollier sub language prop 175
RC031 (PDF 2,679 kB) Mat Su Salmon Partnership gen comment
RC032 (PDF 279 kB) Bob Penney testimony
RC033 (PDF 508 kB) Member Payton who is catching Susitna sockeye
RC034 (PDF 40 kB) ADF&G for Payton select Susitna River run information
RC035 (PDF 8,736 kB) ADF&G for Carlson-Van Dort Upper Cook Inlet Report
RC036 (PDF 84 kB) Cooper Landing AC proposal 106 clarification
RC037 (PDF 1,101 kB) Howard Delo prop 205
RC038 (PDF 87 kB) Andy Couch public testimony prop 234-238
RC039 (PDF 111 kB) Mac Minard public testimony
RC040 (PDF 284 kB) Tam Boeve public testimony
RC041 (PDF 791 kB) ADF&G for Wood drift gillnet harvest sockeye coho
RC042 (PDF 149 kB) Susitna Valley AC public testimony
RC043 (PDF 110 kB) Amber Allen public testimony
RC044 (PDF 388 kB) Ben Allen public testimony
RC045 (PDF 1,126 kB) Ted Eischeid Mat Su Borough sports fish economics 2007-2017
RC046 (PDF 62 kB) Ted Crookston et al Oppose Props 78 88
RC047 (PDF 187 kB) Matanuska Valley AC support subcommittee comments
RC048 (PDF 74 kB) Kevin Delaney public testimony
RC049 (PDF 53 kB) Jeff Berger public testimony
RC050 (PDF 70 kB) Christine Brandt pubic testimony
RC051 (PDF 58 kB) Roland Maw optimum or maximum sustained yield
RC052 (PDF 32 kB) Daniel Hakkinen Kenai escapements
RC053 (PDF 1,385 kB) Lisa Gabriel Eastside Setnetters Presentation prop 78
RC054 (PDF 1,379 kB) Amber Every Eastside Setnetter Presentation prop 88
RC055 (PDF 1,377 kB) Travis Every Eastside Setnetters Presentation prop 104
RC056 (PDF 66 kB) Susan Krager public testimony prop 78,83,88,104, 195
RC057 (PDF 2,259 kB) Mark Walker public testimony prop 116, 164
RC058 (PDF 5,399 kB) NPS Lake Clark Prop 210
RC059 (PDF 388 kB) David Chessik prop 81
RC060 (PDF 92 kB) Todd Smith public testimony
RC061 (PDF 828 kB) City of Kenai Resolution
RC062 (PDF 1,487 kB) Mayor Brian Gabriel 2019 Personal Use Fishery Report
RC063 (PDF 531 kB) Paul Ostrander 2019 Personal Use Fishery Police Report
RC064 (PDF 84 kB) Dan Suprak public tesimony prop 123,133,9, 37
RC065 (PDF 610 kB) John McCombs observed drift nets 1999 prop 132
RC066 (PDF 134 kB) Stefan Hinman public testimony conservation cooridor
RC067 (PDF 851 kB) Elbridge Walker prop 103 125
RC068 (PDF 86 kB) Jim Sykes personal testimony prop 133 88
RC069 (PDF 975 kB) MSB Fish & Wildlife Commission UCIDA Report Salmon Yields 2019
RC070 (PDF 35 kB) ADF&G for Wood Sub Language prop 195
RC071 (PDF 215 kB) MSB Fish & Wildlife Commission NCI & Anchorage coho harvest
RC072 (PDF 87 kB) Amber Every public testimony prop 88 104
RC073 (PDF 67 kB) Norm Darch public testimony
RC074 (PDF 152 kB) KRSA prop 88
RC075 (PDF 174 kB) Greg Johnson Kenai late run sockeye-spawner return ratios
RC076 (PDF 296 kB) Paul Shadura Maximum Sustained Yield
RC077 (PDF 16 kB) Laura Blanchard prop 104
RC078 (PDF 174 kB) KRSA Construct of low end of in-river goal graph
RC079 (PDF 37 kB) Amber Every SEG Kenai River in-river goals
RC080 (PDF 98 kB) UCIDA Escapement Goals for Susitna Yentna Deshka
RC081 (PDF 156 kB) ADF&G for Member Wood sub language prop 78
RC082 (PDF 93 kB) Paul Ostrander public testimony
RC083 (PDF 389 kB) David Chessik Map for Props 208, 209
RC084 (PDF 133 kB) MSB FWC Determining End of Run
RC085 (PDF 231 kB) UCIDA Catch & Percent Released Recreation Anglers
RC086 (PDF 38 kB) KRSA Prop 195 Effects
RC087 (PDF 330 kB) Jessica Speed Testimony MatSu Salmon Habitat Partnership
RC088 (PDF 2,011 kB) Reed Morisky Gillnet Fisheries Salmon Mortality Report
RC089 (PDF 452 kB) KSRA sub language prop 89
RC090 (PDF 33 kB) ADF&G for Payton substitute language prop 124
RC091 (PDF 268 kB) KRSA Population Growth
RC092 (PDF 1,386 kB) Central Peninsula AC Alaska Salmon Management A Story of Success
RC093 (PDF 687 kB) Central Peninsula AC Overescapement
RC094 (PDF 363 kB) Joel Doner Anchorage AC Public Testimony
RC095 (PDF 330 kB) Chris Every Withdraw Props 177, 184, 110
RC096 (PDF 20 kB) Paul Shadura sub language prop 81
RC097 (PDF 146 kB) Nathan Hoff comments prop 93
RC098 (PDF 62 kB) KRPGA withdraw prop 153
RC099 (PDF 308 kB) Chris Every Withdraw Proposals 165, 166
RC100 (PDF 70 kB) Elbridge Walker Substitute Language prop 103 125
RC101 (PDF 27 kB) Central Peninsula AC Substitute Language prop 226
RC102 (PDF 27 kB) Central Peninsula AC Substitute Language prop 102
RC103 (PDF 50 kB) Ron Carmon Support prop 87
RC104 (PDF 99 kB) ADF&G for Wood substitute language prop 199
RC105 (PDF 35 kB) Richard Person proposal 195 and RC86
RC106 (PDF 1,653 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC Minutes Jan 20 2020
RC107 (PDF 2,027 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC Minutes Jan 27 2020
RC108 (PDF 1,720 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC Minutes 1-29-20
RC109 (PDF 60 kB) KRSA substitute language prop 78
RC110 (PDF 198 kB) Larry Engel, Howard Delo, Andy Couch change in position prop 104
RC111 (PDF 15 kB) Neil DeWitt Withdraw prop 83
RC112 (PDF 90 kB) Georgie Heaverly & Hannah Heimbuch request reconsider prop 133
RC113 (PDF 612 kB) Northern Norton Sound AC Norton Sound Red King Crab Management Petition
RC114 (PDF 630 kB) Amber Every History of Paired Restrictions
RC115 (PDF 504 kB) KRSA Kenai Late-Run King Salmon OEG
RC116 (PDF 895 kB) Member Wood Kenai River Sockeye Dip Net Fishery
RC117 (PDF 1,289 kB) ADFG Board Support Sitka Shrimp
RC118 (PDF 65 kB) Joel Doner Anchorage AC Prop 78 Comments
RC119 (PDF 1,905 kB) ADF&G for Wood Genetic Stock ID Set Gillnet Harvest
RC120 (PDF 268 kB) Catherine Cassidy Salmon Returns to Mat-Su
RC121 (PDF 32 kB) Gary Hollier Kenai River Late-Run King SMP
RC122 (PDF 217 kB) Brian Koski Eastside Set Net King Harvest Composition UCI 2018
RC123 (PDF 271 kB) Christine Brandt Kenai River late run Chinook salmon 2020 outlook
RC124 (PDF 355 kB) KRSA Kenai late run king big fish index vs run size over time
RC125 (PDF 30 kB) Gary Hollier Upper Subdistrict set gillnet fishery EO clarification request
RC126 (PDF 282 kB) Mat Su Fish & Wildlife Commission subsitute language prop 234A
RC127 (PDF 61 kB) Ben Allen Susitna Chinook Sportfish Opportunity & Harvest
RC128 (PDF 43 kB) KRSA Substitute language prop 104
RC129 (PDF 256 kB) Brian Koski Fishery Data Series No. 19-29; graphs
RC130 (PDF 230 kB) Paul Shadura prop 104 stock composition harvest of Chinook ESSG
RC131 (PDF 69 kB) John Gilcrist opposition prop 78
RC132 (PDF 47 kB) ADF&G for Payton Substitute language prop 234
RC133 (PDF 1,202 kB) Travis Every Chinook & sockey information for Kenai & Kasilof rivers
RC134 (PDF 11 kB) Kenai River Professional Guide association withdraw proposal 108
RC135 (PDF 46 kB) KRSA Substitute language prop 104 revised
RC136 (PDF 208 kB) ADF&G for Payton Kenai Chinook late run OYP plots
RC137 (PDF 242 kB) ADF&G Substitute language prop 198
RC138 (PDF 62 kB) Ben Allen RC127 clarification prop 199, 200
RC139 (PDF 1,238 kB) KRSA regulatory substitute language prop 104
RC140 (PDF 316 kB) Richard Person re 128, prop 104
RC141 (PDF 94 kB) ADF&G for Payton Substitute language prop 215, 217, 219
RC142 (PDF 246 kB) ADF&G Carlson-Van Dort Substitute language prop 104
RC143 (PDF 71 kB) ADF&G for Carlson-Van Dort composition and harvest of Chinook ESSN Kasilof Section
RC144 (PDF 179 kB) Gary Hollier Substitute language prop 175 RC30
RC145 (PDF 38 kB) Brent Johnson June Harvest data
RC146 (PDF 871 kB) Dan Billman Northern Cook Inlet Chinook salmon fisheries information
RC147 (PDF 79 kB) Paul Shadura comments prop 104
RC148 (PDF 67 kB) Paul Shadura Kenai late run King and Kasilof section comments
RC149 (PDF 987 kB) Mat Su Fish & Wildlife Commission ADF&G 2020 Deshka Forcast
RC150 (PDF 186 kB) Nathan Hoff re Proposal 122
RC151 (PDF 1,735 kB) Paul Shadura re RC142
RC152 (PDF 259 kB) ADF&G for Carlson-Van Dort substitute language prop 104
RC153 (PDF 30 kB) Mike Wood prop 199 200 201
RC154 (PDF 24 kB) Central Peninsula AC revised language prop 140
RC155 (PDF 31 kB) North K Beach Setnetters prop 104 RC152 coments
RC156 (PDF 97 kB) ADFG Sub Language Proposals 215,217,219
RC157 (PDF 18 kB) KRSA Withdraw Proposal 121
RC158 (PDF 314 kB) ADFG for Johnson Substitute Language Proposal 209
RC159 (PDF 138 kB) Paul Shadura ASMFC Response to Southwick Report
RC160 (PDF 126 kB) Paul Shadura Action on Proposals 107,109,112
RC161 (PDF 98 kB) Paul Shadura Proposal 101 Clarification
RC162 (PDF 84 kB) Paul Shadura Kasilof River Sockeye Escapement
RC163 (PDF 11 kB) Chris Jiminez Rescind PC358 re Prop 198
RC164 (PDF 60 kB) ADF&G for Payton substitute language prop 199
RC165 (PDF 61 kB) ADF&G Payton Johnson Wood amended substitute language prop 199
RC166 (PDF 32 kB) Paul Shadura Sub Language Proposal 182
RC167 (PDF 496 kB) Richard Person re Proposals 182&185 Catch Comparison
RC168 (PDF 46 kB) ADFG for Payton Sub Lang Prop 151
RC169 (PDF 84 kB) Joseph Person re Proposal 185
RC170 (PDF 25 kB) ADFG for Payton Sub Lang Prop 118
RC171 (PDF 46 kB) ADFG for Jensen Sub Lang Prop 175
RC172 (PDF 48 kB) Paul Shadura re Prop 117
RC173 (PDF 17 kB) ADFG for Jensen Sub Lang Prop 140
RC174 (PDF 795 kB) MatSu FWC re Prop 221 Special Provisions
RC175 (PDF 18 kB) KRSA Amend PC072 re Prop 156
RC176 (PDF 22 kB) KRSA Amend PC072 re Prop 158
RC177 (PDF 22 kB) Mat Valley AC Support for Prop 227 Amended Language
RC178 (PDF 236 kB) ADFG Sub Language Proposal 198
RC179 (PDF 366 kB) CISA LCI Seine Fishery Management Plan
RC180 (PDF 135 kB) CISA Marked-Unmarked Sockeye Harvest Charts
RC181 (PDF 26 kB) ADFG for Payton Sub Language Prop 229
RC182 (PDF 37 kB) David Chessik New Language Prop 81
RC183 (PDF 232 kB) Board Support Miscellaneous Business Agenda
RC184 (PDF 686 kB) Matt Haakenson re Opposition Props 37, 38
RC185 (PDF 183 kB) Paul Shadura re Support Proposal 164
RC186 (PDF 452 kB) ADFG for Wood Addtl Documentation Prop 81
RC187 (PDF 48 kB) ADFG for Payton Sub Language Prop 217
RC188 (PDF 126 kB) Nathan Hoff re Proposals 164-169
RC189 (PDF 106 kB) Board Support Update Nushagak-Mulchatna Committee
RC190 (PDF 320 kB) Member Morisky Draft Hatchery Committee Agenda
RC191 (PDF 255 kB) Alaskas Hatchery Operators Hatchery Committee Agenda Items
RC192 (PDF 364 kB) Dave Martin Petition to Amend Language Proposal 133
RC193 (PDF 169 kB) ADFG Boards Support Public Testimony Log
RC194 (PDF 225 kB) ADF&G Boards Support Record Copy Log

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