Rabbit Creek Shooting Park
Facility Fees

The Rabbit Creek Shooting Park is closed the entire month of December and will reopen on Wednesday, January 3rd.

The Rabbit Creek Shooting Park fees are based on the department's costs for operating and maintaining the range.

Rifle/Pistol/Archery Ranges Fee
Daily Use Fee $18.00
Daily Use Fee — Youth (Under 16 years of age) $5.00
Daily Use Fee — Senior (60 years of age or older) $15.00
Daily Use Fee — Active Duty Military $15.00
Annual Pass — Adult $125.00
Annual Pass — Youth (Under 16 years of age) $30.00
Annual Pass — Senior (60 years of age or older) $80.00
Annual Pass — Active Duty Military $80.00
Shotgun Range Fee
5-Stand Round (Targets & Ammo) $20.00
5-Stand Round (Youth, Senior) $18.00
5-Stand Round (Targets & Ammo) Annual Pass Holder $18.00
Birds Only $8.00
Hunter Education Building Fee
Classroom Facility: 24 person-1/2 Day $50.00
Classroom Facility: 24 person-Whole Day $75.00
Classroom Facility: 48 person-1/2 Day $100.00
Classroom Facility: 48 person-Whole Day $125.00
Instructor Range Rental Fee
Instructor Range: 1/2 Day* $25.00
Instructor Range: Whole Day* $50.00

*Students will still need to pay the daily use fee

NOTE: Fees collected at the facility cover only a part of the annual operations/maintenance budget to run the range. The majority of the budget is covered by hunters/shooters through the payment of federal taxes on firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment (Pittman-Robertson funds) and state funds (hunting license sales and tag fees).