China Poot Bay Personal Use Salmon Fishery
Permits & Regulations

To participate in any personal use fishery, you must be an Alaska Resident, and possess a valid Sport Fishing License or ADF&G senior license or ADF&G Disabled Veteran's License.

A permit is NOT required to personal use dipnet for salmon at China Poot Bay.

Personal use salmon required to be "marked"
By regulation, you must "mark" salmon harvested in the China Poot personal use fishery by clipping both tips of the tail fin Scissors or shears are the best way to cut off the tips of the tail fin.

The salmon must be marked before the salmon is concealed from plain view, such as put in a cooler, or before the salmon is transported from the fishing site, such as your vehicle. Failure to mark the salmon is a violation, and may be subject to fines and loss of future personal use fishing privileges.

Fish diagram showing clipped tail

Open season

The China Poot dipnet fishery is open the July 1 through August 7.


In China Poot Creek, upstream from ADF&G regulatory markers, sockeye salmon may be taken by dip net from July 1 through August 7, with a bag and possession limit of six fish. King, pink, chum, and coho salmon may not be retained or possessed. All king, pink, chum, and coho salmon caught must be released immediately and returned to the water unharmed

Legal gear: dipnet

In 5 AAC 39.105 of the Alaska Administrative Code, a dipnet is defined as

  1. a bag-shaped net supported on all sides by a rigid frame;
  2. the maximum straight-line distance between any two points on the net frame, as measured between any two points on the net frame, as measured through the net opening, may not exceed five feet;
  3. the depth of the bag must be at least one-half of the greatest straight-line distance, as measured through the net opening;
  4. no portion of the bag may be constructed of webbing that exceeds a stretched measurement of 4.5 inches;
  5. the frame must be attached to a single rigid handle and be operated by hand.

This definition applies statewide, to both salmon and herring/hooligan dipnet fisheries.

Graphic showing legal dipnet dimensions

The area open to dipnetting is shown below.

Graphic showing location of China Poot Bay