Tanana River Management Area (TRMA)

Recreational Boating & Angler Access Program

Launching a boat from a boat ramp Twice as big as Texas yet with fewer roads than Delaware, Alaska presents unique recreational access challenges. Even so, if you've ever fished or boated in Alaska, chances are you used a facility constructed through the Division of Sport Fish Recreational Boating and Angler Access Program.

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Lake Fishing Access Maps

Bathymetric map of a lake The "Lake Maps Series" by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was developed to provide anglers with useful information about selected lakes in the state to enhance their fishing experience. Information available to anglers for these lakes may include a bathymetric (underwater contour) map, the average depths, maximum depths, stocking histories, surface area and much more.

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Public boat launches are available at the following water bodies in the TRMA

  • Birch Lake – Birch Lake State Recreation Site (Richardson Hwy, milepost 305.2)
  • Chatanika River – power boats: Elliott Hwy (milepost 11) & Murphy Dome Rd; canoes: Steese Hwy (milepost 39)
  • Chena River – Pikes Waterfront, Geraghty Ave, Wendell St, Nordale Rd, Chena Lake Recreational Area, and Chena River State Recreation Area (Chena Hot Springs Rd).
  • Delta Clearwater River – Clearwater State Recreation Site, (Richardson Hwy, milepost 268, Jack Warren Road)
  • Fielding Lake – Fielding Lake State Recreation Area (Richardson Hwy, milepost 200.5)
  • George Lake – Launch on Tanana River (Alaska Hwy, milepost 1385)
  • Harding Lake – Harding Lake State Recreation Area (Richardson Hwy, milepost 321.5)
  • Quartz Lake – Quartz Lake State Recreation Area (Richardson Hwy, milepost 277.8)
  • Minto Flats – Launch into the Tolovana River at Minto Village (Elliot Hwy), or into the Nenana River at Nenana (Parks Hwy) and boat downstream to the Tolovana, or launch into the Tanana River at Manley (Elliott Hwy) and boat upstream to the Tolovana River, or launch into the Chatanika River off Murphy Dome Rd.
  • Nenana River – 10th Street just south of Nenana (Parks Hwy, milepost 304.5), Parks Hwy milepost 216.5
  • Salcha River – Salcha River Recreation Site (Richardson Hwy, milepost 323.3)
  • Tangle Lakes – Round and Lower Tangle lakes via Tangle Lakes Campground on North side of Denali Hwy, Upper Tangle lake via wayside on South side of Denali Hwy. Both at approximately mile 21 from the Paxson side.
  • Tanana River – Manley Hot Springs (Elliott Hwy, milepost 152), Fairbanks (Chena Pump Rd), Big Delta (Richardson Hwy milepost 275.4), George Lake launch (Alaska Hwy, milepost 1385), Alaska Hwy (milepost 1303.3).