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Hunting & Trapping
Announcements and Emergency Orders

Emergency orders (issued under authority of AS 16.05.060) are used to open and close hunting or trapping seasons or areas. Emergency orders have the same force and effect as regulations of the Board of Game and statutes enacted by the Legislature, and they carry the same penalties for violation. The emergency orders listed below amend or supplement the hunting and/or trapping seasons and bag limits as described in Alaska Hunting and Trapping Regulations.

Current Announcements and Emergency Orders


Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
10/12/2018   View 2018 GMU 2 Wolf Harvest Quota Announced

Region 1

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
12/07/2018 01-21-18 View Douglas Island Closed to Wolf Hunting and Trapping
11/26/2018 01-20-18 View Takhin Ridge Closed To Mountain Goat Hunting
10/30/2018 01-19-18 View Unit 3 (Remainder) - General Elk Season Closed
10/30/2018 01-18-18 View Unit 4 - Clarence Kramer Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
10/13/2018 01-17-18 View Moose Hunting Season Closure Unit 5A West of the Dangerous River
10/11/2018 01-16-18 View Closure To Mountain Goat Hunting Along Chilkoot Lake (RG023) In Unit 1D
10/08/2018 01-15-18 View Partial Closure to Mountain Goat hunting between Dayebas Creek and Kasidaya Creek (RG024)
10/04/2018 01-14-18 View East Fork Of The Skagway River To Kasidaya Creek Closed To Mountain Goat Hunting
10/02/2018 01-13-18 View Blackerby Ridge to Salmon Creek Reservoir Closed to Mountain Goat Hunting in Unit 1C
10/01/2018 01-12-18 View Unit 4 - Upper Blue Lake Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
09/28/2018 01-11-18 View Eagle Glacier to Sawmill Creek Closed to Mountain Goat Hunting in Unit 1C
09/25/2018 01-10-18 View Area between East Fork of the Skagway River and Candian Border closed to goat hunting
09/24/2018 01-09-18 View Unit 4 - Rodman Creek Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
09/21/2018 01-08-18 View Partial Closure of Takshanuk Mountains To Goat Hunting
09/17/2018 01-07-18 View Unit 4 - Red Bluff Bay Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
09/17/2018 01-06-18 View Unit 4 - Upper Benzeman Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
09/15/2018 01-05-18 View Tukgahgo Mountain Youth Hunt Area Closed To Mountain Goat Hunting
09/10/2018 01-04-18 View Four Winds Area Closed To Goat Hunting
09/10/2018   View Gustavus Moose Hunt Meeting
08/30/2018   View Unit 1D Tier II Moose Hunt Meeting
08/06/2018 01-03-18 View Unit 4 - Bear Mountain Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
07/27/2018 01-02-18 View Portion of Unit 5A Closed to Mountain Goat Hunting
07/20/2018 01-01-18 View Baranof Island Mt. Goat Hunting

Region 2

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
11/09/2018 02-14-18 View A Portion of Afognak Registration Elk Hunt RE755 Closes by Emergency Order
11/02/2018 02-13-18 View A Portion of Afognak Registration Elk Hunt RE755 Closes by Emergency Order
10/30/2018 02-12-18 View Ship Creek Moose Hunt Closes
10/23/2018   View Kenai Peninsula Registration Goat Hunts Open November 1
10/23/2018   View Four Kodiak Mountain Goat Registration Hunts to Open November 1; Three Others Will Remain Closed
10/17/2018 02-11-18 View A Portion of Registration Elk Hunt RE755 Will Not Open
10/09/2018 02-10-18 View Sheridan Goat Hunt Closes
10/08/2018 02-09-18 View Goat Hunt RG248 North of the Port of Valdez Closes
10/02/2018 02-08-18 View Southwestern Prince William Sound Goat Hunt Closes
09/28/2018 02-07-18 View Moose Hunt RM445 Closes in Unit 14C
09/28/2018 02-06-18 View Goat Hunt RG252 Closes East of Unakwik Inlet
09/27/2018 02-05-18 View Goat Hunt RG249 Closes North of Valdez Arm
09/26/2018 02-04-18 View Hunter Success Leads to Early Closure for Unit 6B Moose Hunt
09/14/2018 02-03-18 View Lake George Mountain Goat Hunt RG869 Closes Sunday
09/04/2018 02-02-18 View Twentymile Mountain Goat Hunt RG868 Closes in Unit 14C
08/20/2018   View Port Valdez North Goat Hunt RG248 to Open October 1
07/05/2018 02-01-18 View Lynx Trapping Closures on Kenai Peninsula and Unit 14C Extended Through 2018-2019 Season
06/29/2018   View Permits Available July 11 for Kenai Peninsula Registration Goat Hunts RG364 and RG365

Region 3

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
12/03/2018 03-11-18 View Antlerless Moose Hunt closes in Minto Flats
10/31/2018 03-10-18 View Fortymile Caribou season in Zone 4 (White mountains) to Close
10/31/2018 03-09-18   Targeted hunt AM751 Opens
10/17/2018 03-08-18 View Fortymile Caribou RC867 Zone 1 closure
10/04/2018 03-07-18 View A Portion of Antlerless Moose Hunt RM785 Closes in Minto Flats
08/28/2018 03-06-18 View Fortmile Caribou RC860 Zone 4 Closure
08/13/2018 03-05-18 View Zone 1 Closure RC860 Fortymile Caribou
06/21/2018 03-04-18   EO 03-04-18 Ptarmigan Tracking GMUs 12, 20, 25C
05/14/2018 03-03-18 View Unit 20B Moose Season Shortened
03/02/2018   View Region III Undersubscribed Permits 2018
01/02/2018   View Porcupine Caribou Herd Grows to Record High Numbers

Region 4

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
10/19/2018 04-08-18   Registration Goat Hunts RG890/891 in Unit 14A to be closed by Emergency Order
09/28/2018   View Permits Available October 2 for Unit 14A Goat Hunts RG890 and RG891
09/27/2018 04-07-18 View Winter Seasons Closed for Nelchina Caribou Hunts RC561, RC562, DC485
09/17/2018 04-06-18 View Unit 13B Community Hunt (CM300) Moose Bag Limit Changes by Emergency Order
08/24/2018 04-05-18 View Nelchina Caribou Draw Hunt DC485 to Close Sunday by Emergency Order
08/16/2018 04-04-18 View Tier I Nelchina Caribou Hunt RC561 to Close by Emergency Order
08/03/2018 04-02-18 View Nelchina Caribou Hunts Include Changes to Bag Limit, Quota, Reporting Requirements
07/31/2018 04-03-18   Registration Caribou Hunt RC501 to Open in Portions of Units 17A and 17C
12/15/2017   View Community Subsistence Harvest (CSH) Hunts Application Period Extended

Region 5

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
10/03/2018 05-10-18 View State Extends Moose Hunt in Unit 22A North
09/21/2018 05-09-18 View State Extends Resident Fall Registration Moose Hunt RM841 in Unit 22A Central
09/20/2018 05-08-18 View State Extends The Unit 26(A) Remainder Resident Moose Season
09/06/2018 05-07-18 View State Closes Resident Moose Hunt RM840 in 22B West
09/05/2018 05-06-18 View State/Federal closure of Zone 1 of the RM615 registration Moose hunt.
09/04/2018 05-05-18 View State Closes Resident Moose Hunt RM840 in 22D Kuzitrin and 22D Southwest
09/02/2018 05-04-18 View State Closes Resident and Nonresident Moose Hunt RM840 in 22C

Visit the archives page to see Emergency Orders from the previous regulatory year.

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