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Regulatory Year
2019, 2020

Regulatory Year 2019 (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020)


Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
06/08/2020   View Board of Game Actions on Spring 2020 Bear Hunts Final
05/18/2020   View Rabbit Slough Boat Launch Open
05/13/2020   View Save Young Wildlife - Leave Them Alone
05/07/2020   View Cancellation of Potter Marsh Discovery Day
04/14/2020   View Fur Sealing Deadlines Extended
04/14/2020   View Spring hunting during Covid-19 Travel Mandates
04/09/2020   View Bear aware spring 2020
04/03/2020   View Rabbit Slough Boat Launch Improvements Underway
04/02/2020 HQ-01-20 View Nonresident Spring Bear Hunting Seasons Closed Statewide
04/01/2020   View Alaska announces closure of bear hunts statwide
03/27/2020   View Spring Bear Bait Registration
03/05/2020   View Unit 2 Wolf Advisory Announcement
02/19/2020   View Mcneil River Bear Viewing announcement
02/14/2020   View BOG Mtg Announcement Mar 2020 IEA Region Mtg - FINAL
01/31/2020   View Statewide deer season Hunt Reports due
01/23/2020   View Alaska Wildlife Viewing
01/10/2020   View Alaska Board of Game Meetings Scheduled in Nome Jan. 16-20, 2020
08/23/2019 HQ-04-19   DFG Emergency Order 040419 signed
08/23/2019   View News Release - Hunting and public access to Willow Swamp area restricted due to Deshka Landing Fire
08/21/2019   View Wildlife Troopers Ask Hunters to Avoid Active Wildfire Perimeters
07/18/2019   View Illegal Fish Waste Dumping invites bears, fines

Region 1

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
03/06/2020   View Undersubscribed Black Bear Drawing Permits Available Hunt DL018: Game Management Unit 1C, South Fall 2020/Spring 2021
03/06/2020   View Undersubscribed Brown Bear Drawing Permits Available For Game Management Unit 4
01/08/2020   View 2019 GMU 2 season closure reminder for wolf hunting, trapping
12/11/2019   View Southeast Alaska waterfowl season to close December 16th in Units 1-4
12/08/2019 01-23-19 View Takhin Ridge closed to mountain goat hunting in Unit 1D (RG026)
12/05/2019 01-22-19 View Flower and Porcupine Mountain Area (Unit 1D) closed to mountain goat hunting
11/22/2019 01-21-19 View Moose Hunting Season Closure Unit 5A Nunatak Bench
11/22/2019 01-20-19 View Unit 4 - Whale Bay Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
11/07/2019 01-19-19 View Closure to mountain goat hunting along Chilkoot Lake (RG023) Unit 1D
11/01/2019 01-18-19 View East Fork of the Skagway River to Kasidaya Creek closed to mountain goat hunting
10/29/2019 01-17-19 View Unit 2 wolf hunting and trapping season closure date
10/21/2019 01-16-19 View Moose Hunting Season Closure Unit 5A West of the Dangerous River
10/15/2019 01-15-19 View Unit 4 - Indigo Lake and Vodopad River Mt. Goat Hunt Zones Closed
10/07/2019 01-14-19 View Unit 4 - Upper Blue Lake Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
10/02/2019 01-13-19 View Mountain Goat Huntinng to close in the Four Winds Area of RG026
10/02/2019 01-12-19 View Unit 1C RM049 Gustavus Moose Hunt Closed
10/01/2019 01-11-19 View Wright River/Hidden Creek to the Canadian Border Closed to Mountain Goat Hunting in Unit 1C
09/24/2019 01-10-19 View Eagle Glacier to Sawmill Creek Closed to Mountain Goat Hunting in Unit 1C
09/19/2019 01-09-19 View Partial Closure of Takshanuk Mountains (RG023) to goat hunting
09/17/2019 01-08-19 View Unit 4 - Indian River Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
09/03/2019 01-07-19 View Unit 4 - Rosenberg Lake Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
08/30/2019   View New waterfowl hunting regulations announced for Southeast Alaska
08/29/2019   View Gustavus Moose Hunting Meeting
08/26/2019   View regulation changes in effect for deer hunting near Juneau
08/20/2019   View Unit 1D Tier II Moose Hunt Meeting
08/13/2019 01-06-19 View Unit 4 - Bear Mountain Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
08/05/2019 01-05-19 View Blackerby Ridge to Salmon Creek Reservoir Closed to Mountain Goat Hunting in Unit 1C
08/05/2019 01-04-19 View Unit 4 - Slaughter Ridge-Lisa Creek Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
08/05/2019 01-03-19 View Unit 4 - Clarence Kramer Mt. Goat Hunt Zone Closed
07/26/2019 01-02-19 View Baranof Island (Unit 4) Mountain Goat Hunting
07/25/2019 01-01-19 View Portion of Unit 5A Closed to Mountain Goat Hunting
07/18/2019   View ADF&G Finds Gustavus Game Samples Safe for Consumption

Region 2

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
06/03/2020   View Permits Available June 10 for Kenai Peninsula Registration Goat Hunt RG364
04/01/2020   View Moose may look hungry...but you're not helping by feeding them!
02/18/2020   View Help Wanted: Sharp-Eyed Citizens Sought for 2020 Anchorage Moose Survey Project
12/11/2019   View One Kodiak Mountain Goat Registration Hunt Will Not Open; Four Others Will Remain Open
11/12/2019 02-14-19 View Sheridan Goat Hunt Closes
11/08/2019 02-13-19 View Port Valdez/Lowe River Goat Hunt Closes
11/06/2019 02-12-19 View An Additional Portion of Registration Elk Hunt RE755 Will Close Early
10/28/2019   View Five Kodiak Mountain Goat Registration Hunts to Open November 1; Four Others Will Remain Closed
10/26/2019 02-11-19 View A Portion of Registration Elk Hunt RE755 Will Close Early
10/25/2019 02-10-19 View Ship Creek Moose Hunt Closes
10/17/2019 02-09-19 View A Portion of Registration Elk Hunt RE755 Will Not Open
10/17/2019   View Kenai Peninsula Registration Goat Hunts Open November 1
10/10/2019 02-08-19 View Lake George Goat Hunt RG869 Closes in Unit 14C
10/04/2019 02-07-19 View Goat Hunt RG249 Closes North of Valdez Arm
10/03/2019 02-06-19 View Southwestern Prince William Sound Goat Hunt Closes
10/03/2019 02-05-19 View Goat Hunt RG252 Closes East of Unakwik Inlet
10/03/2019 02-04-19 View Eklutna Lake Moose Hunt RM445 Closes in Unit 14C
09/13/2019 02-03-19 View Hunter Success Leads to Early Closure for Unit 6B Moose Hunt
09/05/2019 02-02-19 View Twentymile Mountain Goat Hunt RG868 Closes in Unit 14C
08/30/2019   View Port Valdez North Goat Hunt RG248 to Open October 1
08/29/2019   View Attention Kenai Peninsula Hunters: Avoid Active Wildfire Areas
07/09/2019 02-01-19 View Lynx Trapping Closures on Kenai Peninsula and Unit 14C Extended Through 2019-2020 Season

Region 3

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
05/22/2020   View AA Tularemia May 2020
04/03/2020   View AA 2020 Aggressive moose April
03/25/2020   View AA AC999 Health and Safety
03/17/2020 03-02-20 View 03-02-20 Fortymile Caribou Targeted Hunt Opening AC999
03/06/2020   View NR Region 3 Undersubscribed Permits 2020
02/20/2020 03-01-20 View 21D winter moose opening
12/11/2019 03-07-19 View RM785 Minto Flats Management Area to Close
10/24/2019 03-06-19 View Fortymile Caribou Season RC857 Open for 2 Days
10/16/2019 03-05-19 View Cancel RC 867 Fortymile Caribou
10/15/2019   View Open House at Fairbanks range
08/13/2019 03-04-19 View Close_Zone 1-4RC860FortymileCaribou
08/05/2019   View Preseason Fortymile Caribou Hunt Joint NR
07/19/2019 03-03-19   Unit 20B Moose Season Reduction
07/12/2019 03-02-19   PtarmiganTracking 12_20_25C_ RY19

Region 4

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
02/07/2020 04-03-20   Unit 17 Winter Moose Hunts RM575 & RM576 Extended by EO
01/28/2020 04-02-20 View Mulchatna Caribou Hunt (RC503) Closes
01/08/2020 04-01-20 View Winter Moose Hunt Opens in Game Management Unit 17A (RM575 and/or RM576)
09/27/2019   View Permits available October 2 for Unit 14A Goat Hunts RG890 and RG891
09/16/2019 04-09-19 View 2019 Nelchina Caribou Season Extension
09/10/2019 04-08-19 View Deshka Fire Area Hunting Closure in Unit 14A Reopens
09/06/2019 04-07-19 View Unit 13E Community Hunt Moose Bag Limit Changes by Emergency Order
08/26/2019 04-06-19 View Mulchatna Caribou Hunt (RC503) Bag Limit Changes to One Caribou
08/26/2019 04-05-19 View Unit 13A-East Community Hunt Moose Bag Limit Changes by Emergency Order
08/23/2019 04-04-19 View Unit 14A Fire Area Hunting Closure
08/08/2019   View 2019 Nelchina Caribou Hunt Quotas
07/31/2019 04-03-19 View Unit 13 NCH Bag Limit Changes for All Hunts
07/26/2019 04-02-19 View Registration Caribou Hunt RC501 to Open in Portions of Units 17A and 17C

Region 5

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
06/26/2020   View Change to permit availability for Unit 22 moose hunt RM840
06/24/2020   View Change to permit availability for Unit 23 moose hunt RM880
05/21/2020 05-05-20 View Emergency order opening a registration permit hunt for muskoxen stranded on unnamed islands south of Nunivak Island in Unit 18
03/20/2020 05-04-20 View Emergency Order 05-04-20 Unit 18 remainder extension
03/06/2020   View Permits Available for GMU 22 Alaska Brown Bear and Moose Hunts
02/05/2020 05-03-20 View EO 05-03-20 Unit 18 RM621 Winter Season Extension
01/13/2020 05-02-20 View Opens Resident Moose Hunt RM621 in that portion south of and including Goodnews River drainage
01/13/2020 05-01-20 View State Closes Resident Moose Hunt RM843 in Unit 22B West
12/16/2019   View Nelson Island Muskox Registration Permits Reduced
10/08/2019 05-08-19 View State Extends Moose Hunt in Unit 22A North
10/04/2019 05-07-19 View State Opens Musk Ox Hunt in 26A Near Atqasuk and Point Lay
09/06/2019 05-06-19 View State Closes Moose Hunt in Unit 22B West of Darby Mountains
09/04/2019 05-05-19 View State Closes Moose Hunt in Unit 22D Kuzitrin Drainage and Southwest
09/02/2019 05-04-19 View State Closes Resident and Nonresident Moose Hunt RM840 in 22C