Viewing Guides and Checklists

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is developing wildlife viewing brochures for many Southwest and Southeast Alaska communities along the state ferry system. These brochures are available in print form by contacting each community’s local visitor bureau or downloadable from this website. Click on each of the community names listed below to download a pdf version of the community's wildlife viewing guide.

Prince William Sound

  • Cordova (PDF 530 kB) — Alaska's Hidden Treasure
    Highlights include millions of migrating shorebirds, sea lions barking and mountain goats perched on cliff faces.
  • Valdez (PDF 577 kB) — A Wildlife Viewer's Delight
    Highlights include brown bears fishing at the hatchery, sea otters at play and harbor seals pupping.
  • Whittier (PDF 612 kB) — A Gateway to Wildlife Wonders
    Highlights include marine birds in glacier-studded fjords, black bears grazing on berries, and humpback whales.

Southwest Alaska Brochures

  • Cold Bay, Izembek Refuges (PDF 969 kB) — Unique, Even for Alaska
    Highlights include almost the entire world population of black brant feeding on eel grass, migrating caribou and brown bears.
  • Kodiak (PDF 669 kB) — Alaska's Emerald Isle
    Highlights include migrating gray whales, Frazer Falls brown bear viewing and emperor geese at Womens Bay.
  • Unalaska, Port of Dutch Harbor (PDF 542 kB) — An Uncommon Place
    Highlights include rare bird sightings and humpback whales feeding in Unalaska Bay.

Southeast Alaska Brochures

  • Gustavus (PDF 1,012 kB) — Gateway to Glacier Bay
    Highlights include tour boat and kayak trips into Glacier Bay National Park; sandhill crane and moose viewing at the Dude Creek Wildlife Refuge
  • Haines (PDF 668 kB) — The Northwest Passage to Southeast Alaska
    Highlights include the largest concentration of bald eagles in the world on the Chilkat River; brown bear viewing at the Chilkoot River
  • Juneau (PDF 796 kB) — A "Capital" Wildlife Viewing Experience
    Highlights include migratory birds at the Mendenhall wetlands; bear viewing at nearby Admiralty Island
  • Ketchikan (PDF 671 kB) — Gateway to Wildlife Viewing
    Highlights include brown bear viewing near Hyder; wildlife viewing and scenery in Misty Fjords National Monument
  • Petersburg (PDF 733 kB) — A "Whale" of a Place for Wildlife Viewing
    Highlights include whale watching in Fredrick Sound; harbor seal and tidewater glacier viewing in Leconte Bay
  • Prince of Wales Island (PDF 725 kB) — A Different Kind of Southeast Alaska
    Highlights include marine mammal viewing along Sandy Beach Road, on the waters near Craig or from Memorial beach; watching for black bears and Sitka black-tailed deer on Southeast Alaska's largest island
  • Sitka (PDF 644 kB) — The Outside Edge of the Inside Passage
    Highlights include hundreds of thousands of nesting seabirds on St. Lazaria Island; marine mammal viewing in Sitka Sound
  • Skagway (PDF 744 kB) — There's More Than Gold in Them Thar' Hills
    Highlights include bear viewing in Dyea, mountain goats along the Klondike Highway
  • Wrangell (PDF 1,015 kB) — Bears, Birds and a Whole Lot More
    Highlights include brown and black bear viewing at Anan Wildlife Observatory; tens of thousands of eagles, snow geese, and shorebirds at the Stikine River each spring