Online Bear Baiting Quiz

1: What is the minimum age required for a person to register a Bear Baiting Permit?
  • 14
  • 16
  • 18
  • There is no minimum age requirement.

2: How many bear baiting stations can each hunter register?
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

3: What is the minimum distance you must be from public roads, public trails, the AK Railroad and any major river system to set up your bait station?
  • One-quarter of a mile
  • One-half of a mile
  • 1 mile
  • 2 miles

4: Each hunter is able to register their bear baiting station 15 days prior to the season opening. When can you begin to bait that registered station?
  • As soon as you receive your registration permit
  • 3 days prior to the opening
  • Ten days prior to the opening
  • The day the season opens

5: What can be used at your bear bait station?
  • Freezer burned salmon
  • Dog food
  • Tainted moose meat
  • Rib meat from caribou

6: In some units from January 1 – May 31 black bear hunters are required to bring out the hide, skull and edible meat. What does “edible meat” include?
  • All four quarters
  • The entire carcass with evidence of sex attached
  • All four quarters and meat along the backbone (backstraps)
  • All four quarters, backstraps, rib meat, and neck meat

7: What types of bears can legally be harvested at your bait station?
  • Black bear
  • Brown bear but only in certain GMUs
  • Black bear with cubs
  • Both a and b

8: How many days do you have to seal your bear after you harvest it?
  • 30 days after harvest
  • 45 days after harvest
  • 30 days after the season ends
  • 45 days after the season ends

9: What must be brought to Fish & Game to have the bear sealed?
  • The hide of the bear with evidence of sex attached
  • The unfrozen skull of the bear and all edible meat
  • The hide of the bear, the skull, and all edible meat
  • The unfrozen skull and hide with claws and evidence of sex attached

10: What is required of a hunter to be able to hunt from another hunter’s registered bear bait station?
  • You can not hunt off another hunter’s bait station
  • Written permission and your hunting license number added to the posted sign at bait station
  • Verbal permission, your hunting license, and IBEP Card (if bowhunting)
  • Verbal permission from the person that registered the bait station

11: How far must a bear bait station be from any home, dwelling, seasonal cabin, campground or recreation facility?
  • One-quarter mile
  • One-half mile
  • 1 mile
  • 2 miles

12: Where is the best place to aim when taking your shot at a black bear?
  • The head is the most effective shot
  • The neck or spine area is the most effective shot
  • The heart and lung area is the most effective shot
  • One of the front legs to immobilize the bear

13: What type of bait containers are recommended to be used at a bear bait station?
  • Metal drums
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic buckets
  • Grocery bags

14: If you are legally added to another hunter’s registered bait station, when are you allowed to place bait at that site?
  • Anytime after the registered bear baiter has added your hunting license number to his or her posted bait station permit
  • Only the registered bear baiter can place bait or equipment at the site
  • Only with written permission from the registered bear baiter
  • Only when you are accompanied by the registered bear baiter

15: To legally clean up your bear bait station you must:
  • Remove all the biodegradable bait at your station
  • Remove all bait, scent lures, litter, materials soiled by bait or scent lures, and equipment
  • Remove only the bait containers and any scent lures
  • Remove your stand, permit information and bait containers

16: When must your bear bait station be totally cleaned up?
  • Within 3 days of the season ending
  • On or before the last day of the season
  • Within 5 days of the season ending
  • Within 7 days of the season ending

17: What type of certification is required for bowhunters to hunt over black bear bait stations in a number of GMUs?
  • Advanced Hunter Education Card
  • Military Lands Access Card
  • Basic Hunter Education Card
  • IBEP/NBEF Card

18: What three pieces of information must be included on each sign that must be posted at every bear bait site?
  • Bear Bait Station, hunting license numbers, and registration permit number
  • Bear Bait Station, name, and phone number
  • Bear Bait Station, written permission from Alaska Fish and Game, and phone number
  • Hunter’s license numbers, address, and phone number

19: Who is required to attend a bear baiting clinic in order to register a bait site?
  • Only non-resident hunters
  • Only hunters between the ages of 17 and 23
  • All hunters that will be hunting off a bait station
  • All hunters wanting to register a site in any GMU

20: What is the most important piece of equipment for hunters using a tree stand?
  • Full body harness
  • A handgun
  • Haul rope
  • Good optics

21: Who can legally receive money, bartered goods or services to hunt on a registered bait station?
  • Any Alaskan that has completed this course
  • Only the person who has the site registered
  • A licensed guide
  • No one can receive any monetary benefit

22: Can you build a permanent tree stand using spikes and/or nails on federal lands?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but only if you are the registered bear baiter
  • Yes, unless the site is in a national forest and might be logged in the future

23: When you bring your bear to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game for sealing, can you have the skull in the hide?
  • No
  • Yes, but only if it is frozen
  • Yes, but only if you plan to take the hide to a taxidermist
  • No, you are only required to bring the meat and your license