Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
March 2007

Grilled Ptarmigan Breast with Bacon and Chiles

By courtesy John Pearce
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Ptarmigan season extends through the winter in most of Alaska.

Lay one ptarmigan breast on a wooden cutting board and flatten with meat tenderizer mallet, rolling pin, or flat side of a large knife.

Sprinkle garlic salt or other desired spices on meat. Add one spoon of minced green chilies along one edge of flattened breast, then roll up the meat into a long roll. Lay a piece of uncooked bacon on the cutting board and place ptarmigan onto bacon and then roll again, overlapping bacon so that it completely covers the entire ptarmigan breast. Skewer the roll with two or three toothpicks and grill on low fire barbecue.

After removing from grill, slice roll between toothpicks and arrange on platter with a small bowl of Dijon mustard or barbecue sauce for dipping.

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