Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
December 2010

Scavengers On Camera

By Riley Woodford

It's not often that bears and wolves eat together at the same table, but it does happen. And new research shows that sometimes they even bring the kids.

The “table” in this case was a dead humpback whale, enough food that none of the guests needed to feel possessive.

Researcher Diana Raper is studying scavengers, collaborating with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the National Park Service. A PhD student at Oregon State University, she spent time this year in Southeast ...   Scavengers ArticleContinued

Scavengers on Camera, Part 2
Gustavus Forelands

By Riley Woodford

Images from the cameras placed on carcasses on the Gustavus Forelands.   View article

The Many Spectrums of Ice Fishing

By Corey Schwanke

When most people think of ice fishing, they picture a person sitting on a bucket slouched over a hole in the ice. Although ice fishers are typically confined to fishing vertically beneath a hole, within that confine lays an abundance of fishing diversity. There are over a dozen different species of fish to catch beneath the ice in Alaska, and there are many different ways to fish for them. There are many types of ice fishers in this state ranging from relatively inexperienced once-a-year types ...   Ice Fishing ArticleContinued

Porcupine Research
How Tough Critters Survive Alaska Winters

By Elizabeth Manning

Exactly how do porcupines survive winters in our northern climate? That was the question that prompted acting Anchorage area biologist Jessy Coltrane to study both captive and wild porcupines for her doctoral work at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Coltrane spends a great deal of time in Far North Bicentennial Park, a vast tract of wild land in Anchorage surrounded by Hillside neighborhoods and Chugach State Park. One winter, along a trail by an open bog, she frequently spied the same ...   Porcupine Research ArticleContinued

Scavenger Pictures (extra)

By Riley Woodford

A few extra "scavenger camera" pictures were requested, and I'm trying a bit larger format so its easier to see the bears and wolves.   View article