Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
August 2020

Moose Research in Alaska
Redefining How Moose Respond to Warm Temperatures

By Riley Woodford

The cow moose was bedded down in the shade of an aspen grove, indifferent to the man crouched nearby. Wildlife biologist Dan Thompson pointed a thin pole at one nostril of the moose, taking the temperature of the animal’s breath as it inhaled and exhaled the warm summer air of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. The measurement provided a remarkable insight into how moose deal with hot weather.

“Elk, mule deer and horses, they sweat, but moose don’t sweat,” Thompson ...   Moose Research Article Continued

Pet Treats from Salmon Waste
A Fisherman’s Experiment to Use Everything

By Mark Stopha

I started direct marketing fish I caught my second year of commercial salmon trolling in Southeast Alaska. My wife Sara Hannan and I sold fish off our boat. We also had a local fish processor in Juneau, Dick Hand and his business, the Alaska Seafood Company, process our dressed fish into frozen fillet portions for shipping out, and into smoked fillet portions that were canned in retort pouches. We put these pouches in a decorative box that told our story and sold them online, in tourist shops, ...   Salmon Pet Treats Article Continued