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Video clips from the Nelchina Brown Bear Project

These clips were recorded in May and June, 2011, by brown bears wearing collar mounted video cameras. Biologists have been studying Southcentral Alaska brown bears in the Copper River Basin to evaluate the effects of hunter harvest on the bear population as well as the bears’ impacts on the moose population. Most video clips are 10 seconds long, A Bear’s Eye View, A Day in the Life of A Bear is a 13 minute compilation of a day’s worth of video.

Two articles in Alaska Fish and Wildlife News provide the full story; one article details the activities in A Day in the Life of a Bear.

Broadcast media interested in obtaining permission to use these video clips should contact Riley Woodford at or call (907) 465-4256. For more information see the press release.

Video clips from the Anchorage Urban Bear Project

During the summer of 2012, ADF&G biologists captured and fitted several Anchorage black bears with radio collars that recorded the bears' location as well as short video clips of the bears' activities. The location and video data have provided unique insights into the daily habits and movements of Anchorage black bears. Read more about the project in Alaska Fish and Wildlife News, and view some of the clips to see urban Anchorage from a bear's perspective!

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  • Baby porcupine learns to climb a tree

    Baby porcupines begin to climb trees once they are two weeks old. They start small and advance to increasingly larger trees. Porcupines use all four limbs and their tail in climbing. Their fore and back paws have long curved claws to catch hold of furrows and crevices in the tree bark. The muscles in their limbs propel the animal upward while the tail, with its stout bristles on the underside, presses against the tree trunk to prevent backsliding. Falling out of trees is a major cause of accidental death among porcupines.

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Alaska: Watch Our Wildlife

A 12-minute video about how and where to view wildlife in Alaska. "Alaska — Watch Our Wildlife" will take you on a dazzling tour of Alaska's wildlife treasures. Learn important hints and tips about how to make your viewing experiences safe and satisfying.