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Video: Rough - legged Hawk Research

Biologist Travis Booms hosts a short video featuring rough-legged hawks.

Within the Division of Wildlife Conservation, ADF&G's Threatened and Endangered Species Program annually monitors cliff-nesting raptor populations on the Seward Peninsula to assess the health of Alaska’s unique raptor species and ensure that legal falconers in the state continue to have access to robust populations of raptors.

Two species in particular, the Gyrfalcon and Rough-legged Hawk, do not breed in any other state and therefore Alaska has a unique stewardship responsibility for these species. There is also high interest in Gyrfalcons on the Seward Peninsula by resident and non-resident falconers, as well as many birding tourists, who all want to observe this rare and unique raptor of the north. Hence, the state continues a nearly 20-yr dataset monitoring these populations to ensure they remain at sustainable levels.

This video captures one of the ways in which we monitor the health of these populations – by rappelling into nest sites when chicks are small, banding the birds, and taking measurements and sometimes blood samples of the birds. The brief nest visit and handling of the young does not cause any harm to the birds and the adults return to the nest and resume care for the young shortly after the researchers leave the area.


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