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Walrus Islands conservation planning

  • Reference: Meehan, J. 2007. Walrus Islands conservation planning. Division of Wildlife Conservation, Federal Aid Final Performance Report 1 July 2002–30 June 2007, Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Grant T-1-2, Juneau.
  • Audiences: Wildlife Manager
  • Authors: Joseph P. Meehan
  • Funding Sources: FWS-SWG, FWS-WR
  • Grants: AKW-19, AKW-27, AKW-7-1
  • GMUs or Areas: Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary
  • Keywords: walrus, Odobenus rosmarus divergens, population, human disturbance, harvest regulations, Walrus Island
  • Link: http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/static/home/library/pdfs/wildlife/research_pdfs/walrus_final.pdf (PDF)
  • Partners: Federal Aid-Wildlife Restoration Program
  • Primary Authors: Joseph P. Meehan
  • Programs: Marine Mammals
  • Project Numbers: 1.0, T-1-2
  • Publication Types: Marine Mammals Scientific Publication, Grant Report
  • Regions: Region V - Arctic and Western Alaska, Statewide
  • Species: Pacific Walrus
  • Species Categories: Mammals, Marine Mammals
  • Title: Walrus Islands conservation planning
  • Topics: Population Abundance and Trends (Survey Inventory), Regulations, Technique Development (e.g., population survey, breakaway snares), Behavioral Ecology, Anthropogenic Effects, Conservation
  • Year: 2007

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