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Central & Southwest Region Meeting: January 21 - 29, 2022

On-time comments due: 1/7/2022
Location: Wasilla

Meeting Summary (PDF 145 kB)

RC1: Meeting Documents

RC2: On-Time Advisory Committee Comments

  • On-Time Advisory Committee Comments (All) (PDF 5,115 kB)
  • RC3: On-Time Public Comments

  • On-Time Public Comments (All) (PDF 18,903 kB)
  • RC4: Department Reports & Recommendations

    RC5: ADF&G Comments on Proposals (PDF 7,419 kB)

    RC6: On-Time Comment Matrix (PDF 476 kB)

    Record Copies (RCs) — Documents submitted during the meeting

    Record Copy (RC) # Description
    RC007 (PDF 14,496 kB) Alaska Wildlife Alliance Map Proposal 199
    RC008 (PDF 379 kB) Cabot Pitts Prop 208 Map
    RC009 (PDF 271 kB) David Loring Comments Prop 24 and 81
    RC010 (PDF 52 kB) Megan Baker Comments Proposal 199
    RC011 (PDF 32 kB) Mary Weingarth Comments Prop 199
    RC012 (PDF 49 kB) Shelby Baker Comments Prop 199
    RC013 (PDF 375 kB) Bethel AC Minutes 12.28.2022
    RC014 (PDF 40 kB) Lower Kuskokwim AC Minutes 11.16.2021
    RC015 (PDF 51 kB) Neil Dewitt 17A Moose
    RC016 (PDF 79 kB) Lisa Slepetski Comments Proposals 99, 199, 228
    RC017 (PDF 157 kB) Ahtna Bullet Points for Proposals
    RC018 (PDF 49 kB) Mark Richards Remote Public Testimony
    RC019 (PDF 489 kB) Naknek AC Proposal Comments
    RC020 (PDF 120 kB) ADFG Unit 17 Additional Information
    RC021 (PDF 434 kB) Dan Dunaway Prop 23 comment
    RC022 (PDF 108 kB) AFN Subsistance Committee Proposal 210 211 244 Comments
    RC023 (PDF 407 kB) RHAK Public testimony presentation Proposals 28 and 206
    RC024 (PDF 376 kB) Grant Rebne Personal Testimony Pictures
    RC025 (PDF 78 kB) Susie Jenkins-Brito Personal Comment
    RC026 (PDF 443 kB) Allie Barker Personal Testimony
    RC027 (PDF 532 kB) Sterling Spilinek Map
    RC028 (PDF 223 kB) Karen Linnell AITRC Landownership Map
    RC029 (PDF 493 kB) Karen Linnell Comment Federal Hunt Numbers
    RC030 (PDF 49 kB) Matanuska Valley A C Vote Counts
    RC031 (PDF 136 kB) Dan Montgomery Substitute for Proposal 29
    RC032 (PDF 50 kB) Seth Wilson Proposal 67 210 211 Support
    RC033 (PDF 71 kB) Gloria Stickwan Personal Testimony Proposals 59 64 65 and 211
    RC034 (PDF 121 kB) Benjamin Spiess Map
    RC035 (PDF 139 kB) Paul Warta Moose Management Goals for Unit 14A
    RC036 (PDF 54 kB) Jonathan Zeppa Cross Winds Trail System
    RC037 (PDF 2,053 kB) Benjamin Spiess Personal Testimony and Pictures
    RC038 (PDF 47 kB) Al Barrette Trapping Prohibitions and Restrictions
    RC039 (PDF 343 kB) Al Barrette Restraint of Animals
    RC040 (PDF 789 kB) AK DFG CSH moose hunt packet and reporting
    RC041 (PDF 745 kB) AK DFG CSH caribou hunt packet and reporting
    RC042 (PDF 82 kB) Boards Support Public Testimoy Board of Game Wasilla 2022
    RC043 (PDF 32 kB) Paul Forward proposal 2 testimony
    RC044 (PDF 50 kB) Lucille Lincoln Personal Testimony
    RC045 (PDF 1,179 kB) ADF&G Complete Staff Presentation on Proposal 22 17AC CT
    RC046 (PDF 41 kB) Lucille Lincoln Prop 210
    RC047 (PDF 80 kB) AKDFG Ammended Language for Proposal 21
    RC048 (PDF 63 kB) AKDFG Ammended Language for Proposal 23
    RC049 (PDF 70 kB) Howard DELO Proposal 81
    RC050 (PDF 43 kB) Karen Linnell Findings for the AK Board of Game 2015-209-BOG
    RC051 (PDF 411 kB) Paul Warta Proposals 224 225 226
    RC052 (PDF 302 kB) APHA Prop 206
    RC053 (PDF 55 kB) Joey Klutsch Prop 206
    RC054 (PDF 51 kB) Henry Tiffany Prop 206
    RC055 (PDF 50 kB) Lance Kronberger Prop 206
    RC056 (PDF 50 kB) Joe Klutsch Prop 206
    RC057 (PDF 25 kB) Boards Support Misc. Business Agenda
    RC059 (PDF 58 kB) AK Wildlife Troopers 5AAC 92.080(4)(B)
    RC060 (PDF 187 kB) AKDFG 2021 Nelchina Caribou Hunt Quota and Resident Bag Limits Announced (1)
    RC061 (PDF 62 kB) AKDFG Draft Findings for Nelchina Caribou Harvest Quota

    Meeting Audio

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