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Statewide Finfish and Supplemental Issues – March 10-14, 2023

Location: Anchorage – Egan Civic & Convention Center

Comment deadline: February 26, 2023

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Nushagak King Salmon Action Plan Recommendations From BBSRI-Facilitated Committee (PC 356) (PDF 167 kB)

Department Reports:

Department of Law Comments (PDF 88 kB)

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 216 kB)

Nushagak River King Salmon Stock Status and Action Plan (PDF 951 kB)

Meeting Proposals

Statewide Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Statewide Finfish | Hide Category Statewide Finfish

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC003 (PDF 1,410 kB) KPFA Petition
RC004 (PDF 741 kB) Gary Hollier Emergency Petition
RC005 (PDF 1,323 kB) Nushagak AC
RC006 (PDF 663 kB) Chitina Dipnetters Association
RC007 (PDF 1,281 kB) BBNC
RC008 (PDF 629 kB) Patrick McCormick Request to pull Prop 163
RC009 (PDF 619 kB) Matt Kinney Comments Prop 157
RC010 (PDF 610 kB) Luke Peterson Letter of Support
RC011 (PDF 663 kB) Darren Gilman Amended Language Prop 166
RC012 (PDF 658 kB) Brian Kraft Amended Language Proposal 13
RC013 (PDF 1,052 kB) NMKSMP Committee Plan Revisions Prop 11
RC014 (PDF 992 kB) NMKSMP Committee Plan Tables Prop 11
RC015 (PDF 642 kB) Melissa Norris Comments
RC016 (PDF 656 kB) NMKSP Committee Possible Regulatory Actions
RC017 (PDF 647 kB) Pacific Seafood Processors Association Substitute Language Prop 161
RC018 (PDF 753 kB) Annie Nicoli Comments Nushagak Action Plan
RC019 (PDF 1,548 kB) Nushagak River Action Plan
RC020 (PDF 701 kB) Substitute Langauge Proposal 82 Member Carlson Van Dort
RC021 (PDF 789 kB) Frank Woods Testimony and Supporting Docs
RC022 (PDF 939 kB) Frank Woods Nushagak Mulchatna Map
RC023 (PDF 946 kB) Minto Nenana AC Minutes
RC024 (PDF 611 kB) Luke Owens Personal Testimony
RC025 (PDF 661 kB) Chitina Dipnetters Association Correction Public Comment Index
RC026 (PDF 1,132 kB) Klawock AC Correction to Meeting Minutes Jan 18 2023
RC027 (PDF 1,430 kB) Draft Pelican AC Minutes 03 09 2023
RC028 (PDF 632 kB) OBI Seafoods
RC029 (PDF 676 kB) Dylan Braund Tom Rolland Suggested Amendments
RC030 (PDF 629 kB) Carrie Hollier Comments
RC031 (PDF 791 kB) Fairbanks AC Fisheries Subcommittee 3.6.23 Minutes
RC032 (PDF 676 kB) Fairbanks AC Minutes 3.8.23
RC033 (PDF 738 kB) Christine Brandt Emergency Petition
RC034 (PDF 1,278 kB) BBRSDA Comment Nushagak Management Plan
RC035 (PDF 817 kB) Correction to Fairbanks AC Fisheries Subcommittee Minutes 3.6.23
RC036 (PDF 758 kB) CDFU Amend Proposal 167
RC037 (PDF 757 kB) CDFU Additional Amemdment Proposal 167
RC038 (PDF 1,753 kB) Darin Gilman Information Personal Use and Subsistence Fisheries
RC039 (PDF 675 kB) Board Support BOF Statewide Finfish and Supplemental Issues Public Testimony List
RC040 (PDF 617 kB) Matt Kinney Support Proposal 157
RC041 (PDF 876 kB) Member Carpenter Substitute Language SOC Management Plan
RC042 (PDF 640 kB) Gayla Hoseth Suggested Language Proposals 11 12 13
RC043 (PDF 952 kB) BBSRI Nushagak River Chinook Research Plan DRAFT
RC044 (PDF 631 kB) Darin Gilman Harvest Data UCI and Chitina PU Dipnet
RC045 (PDF 626 kB) Nanci Morris Lyon Comments Nushagak King Salmon Comments
RC046 (PDF 885 kB) BBSRI Nushagak king committee members
RC047 (PDF 602 kB) Peter Pan Seafood Company Support for RC041
RC048 (PDF 762 kB) BBSRI Nushagak Data Chart Requested by Member Carlson Van Dort
RC049 (PDF 606 kB) Mikal Mathisen Comment Nushagak King Salmon Management Plan
RC050 (PDF 1,868 kB) BOF Letter to AK Legislature re Enforcement 2.22.23 with attachments
RC051 (PDF 659 kB) Substitute language for Proposal 153 AWT and ADFG
RC052 (PDF 716 kB) Member Zuray Substitute Language Proposal 82
RC053 (PDF 643 kB) NRKSC Substitute Language SOC Action Plan Requested by Member Carpenter
RC054 (PDF 678 kB) NRKSC Substitute Language Proposal 11 Requested by Member Carpenter
RC055 (PDF 611 kB) Member Jensen Substitute Language Proposal 161
RC056 (PDF 726 kB) KRSA Proposed Amendment Proposal 11
RC057 (PDF 641 kB) Frank Woods Comments
RC058 (PDF 684 kB) KRSA Proposed amendment Nushagak King Action Plan
RC059 (PDF 713 kB) Brett Roth Comments
RC060 (PDF 633 kB) Al Barrette Oppose Proposal 166
RC061 (PDF 642 kB) Al Barrettee Oppose Proposal 165
RC062 (PDF 638 kB) Al Barrette Oppose Proposal 163
RC063 (PDF 596 kB) Member Mitchell Nushagak OEG
RC064 (PDF 642 kB) Matt Kinney Comments Proposal 157
RC065 (PDF 603 kB) Member Wood OEG intent language
RC066 (PDF 617 kB) Keith Criddle Proposed Amendment Proposal 161
RC067 (PDF 587 kB) Fritz Johnson Comments Window Closures
RC068 (PDF 696 kB) Mark Spencer Proposal 165 DOL Comments
RC069 (PDF 622 kB) Member Mitchell Optimal Escapement Goals
RC070 (PDF 626 kB) Member Mitchell Substitute Language Proposal 165
RC071 (PDF 578 kB) Mike Carr Comments Nushagak Management Plan
RC072 (PDF 580 kB) Patrick McCormick Support RC070 Substitute Language for Proposal 165
RC073 (PDF 670 kB) Monte Roberts Prop 159 Amended Language
RC074 (PDF 885 kB) Mark Spencer Regarding Copper Basin AC Comments Proposals 163&165
RC075 (PDF 771 kB) Dan Norman Support for 157
RC076 (PDF 619 kB) Gary Hollier BOF Petition 2023
RC077 (PDF 730 kB) Dan Norman Support for RC004
RC078 (PDF 723 kB) Member Mitchell list of CT & conservation
RC079 (PDF 629 kB) Patrick McCormick response to comments on Proposal 164
RC080 (PDF 620 kB) Sarah Frostad-Hudkins Emergency Petition Support
RC081 (PDF 863 kB) Gary Hollier Joint Board Petition Policy
RC082 (PDF 711 kB) Paul Shadura Comments Cook Inlet ESSN
RC083 (PDF 613 kB) Paul Shadura Additional Comments Cook Inlet ESSN
RC084 (PDF 2,084 kB) Mark Spencer Photos Copper River Proposal 163 and 165
RC085 (PDF 1,835 kB) Mark Spencer Additional Photos Copper River Proposal 163 and 165
RC086 (PDF 622 kB) Member Carlson Van-Dort Substitute Language Proposal 164
RC087 (PDF 1,098 kB) Paul Shadura II Order Number 2S-1-23
RC088 (PDF 642 kB) Brian and Lisa Gabriel Support Emergency Finding RC003 RC004 and RC033
RC089 (PDF 591 kB) Sarah Frostad-Hudkins Support Emergency Finding RC003 RC004 and RC033
RC090 (PDF 649 kB) Member Mitchell Policy on the Establishment of Optimal Escapement Goals
RC091 (PDF 661 kB) Alan Crookston Support RC003 RC004 RC033
RC092 (PDF 718 kB) Proposal from Native Village of Kwinhagak
RC093 (PDF 785 kB) Draft Finding Nushagak Sockeye Escapement
RC094 (PDF 638 kB) Wichers family East side set net help
RC095 (PDF 780 kB) ADFG 2023 statewide misc business agenda
RC096 (PDF 686 kB) Joint Board Petition Policy
RC097 (PDF 603 kB) McGahen and Jackson Support for RC003 RC004 and RC033
RC098 (PDF 728 kB) Board of Fisheries Statewide Finfish and Supplemental Issues Record Copies Log

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