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Kodiak Finfish: January 11-15 (meeting extended by one day to accommodate scheduling), 2020

Comment due date: Dec. 27, 2019
Location: Kodiak – Kodiak Convention Center
Training opportunity: Saturday, Jan. 11 (first meeting day), appx. 12:10pm. Boards Support Section is hosting a training course, How to Navigate the Board Process (PDF 3,395 kB) during the lunch break in the main meeting area. The training will occur roughly ten minutes after the noon break and last approximately one hour. All are welcome. Call Boards Support, 907-465-4110, for more information.

Meeting Summary (PDF 420 kB)

Meeting Documents (RC1)

Department Reports

CFEC Reports

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 505 kB)

Meeting Proposals

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Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

RCs 1-4 are documents from ADF&G and are listed above

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 517 kB) ADF&G Staff comments proposal 283
RC005 (PDF 257 kB) ADF&G ACR11 data request
RC006 (PDF 311 kB) Old Harbor Native Corp Comments
RC007 (PDF 573 kB) Don Bumpus comments
RC008 (PDF 952 kB) Brian Blondin comments
RC009 (PDF 699 kB) UCIDA Comments Proposal 37
RC010 (PDF 12,446 kB) Robert Lindsey Kodiak Seiners Assoc comments
RC011 (PDF 90 kB) Craig Hartman Naknek comments
RC012 (PDF 128 kB) Hans Nordstrom Naknek comments
RC013 (PDF 184 kB) Mark Silverman Naknek comments
RC014 (PDF 86 kB) TJ Agha Naknek comments
RC015 (PDF 238 kB) ADF&G Staff comments proposal 37
RC016 (PDF 267 kB) ADF&G Staff comments proposal 39
RC017 (PDF 2,311 kB) ADF&G Ayakulik Action Plan (written report added Jan 15)
RC018 (PDF 27 kB) Mat-Su Borough NCI Kodiak proposals
RC019 (PDF 414 kB) Sun'aq Tribe of Kodiak Resolution 22-2019
RC020 (PDF 43 kB) Central Peninsula AC Recommendations Props 63-66 and RC 9
RC021 (PDF 54 kB) UCIDA Kodiak 14 Day Sockeye Passage
RC022 (PDF 47 kB) UCIDA KMA UCI Commercial Fishing Days
RC023 (PDF 51 kB) Frank Miles Withdraw Prop 52
RC024 (PDF 1,029 kB) Dan Anderson Cumulative Harvest
RC025 (PDF 503 kB) Roland Maw Map Afognak
RC026 (PDF 463 kB) Roland Maw Map Kodiak-Cook Inlet
RC027 (PDF 218 kB) Northwest Setnetters Assoc Karluk Pink Escapement
RC028 (PDF 248 kB) Northwest Setnetters Assoc Map-Gear Types
RC029 (PDF 1,606 kB) Northwest Setnetters Props 63-66 and 37
RC030 (PDF 23 kB) Northwest Setnetters Graph Cook Inlet Personal Use Sport and Harvest
RC031 (PDF 449 kB) AK Groundfish Databank MRAG Americas MSC Audit
RC032 (PDF 115 kB) Chuck McCallum Addendum Update PC 153
RC033 (PDF 58 kB) Bruce Barrett Why Poor Chignik Sockeye Runs
RC034 (PDF 31 kB) Raechel Allen Average Sockeye Catch Igvak
RC035 (PDF 44 kB) Eric Linscheid Testimony
RC036 (PDF 76 kB) Raechel Allen KRAA Estimated Commercial Harvest
RC037 (PDF 52 kB) City of Chignik Chignik Economy
RC038 (PDF 87 kB) Chignik AC Minutes January 2010
RC039 (PDF 2,329 kB) Chuck McCallum Transcripts 1977-1978 BOF Igvak
RC040 (PDF 417 kB) Axel Kopun Prop 61 Igvak Harvest of Chignik Sockeye
RC041 (PDF 1,558 kB) Ben Allen Prop 61 Escapement Info
RC042 (PDF 318 kB) Axel Kopun Prop 61 Economic Analysis
RC043 (PDF 444 kB) Raechel Allen Prop 61 Prelim Westward Forcasts
RC044 (PDF 587 kB) Bryan Horn Testimony and Photograph
RC045 (PDF 82 kB) Aaron Paul Testimony
RC046 (PDF 339 kB) ADF&G Trawl Survey Sable Fish Data
RC047 (PDF 256 kB) ADF&G For Jensen GOA P-Cod Biomass
RC048 (PDF 1,033 kB) Daniel Ringer Greying of The Fleet Presentation
RC049 (PDF 3,019 kB) Danielle Ringer Fisheries Privatization
RC050 (PDF 74 kB) Elijah Jackson Village of Ouzinkie Comments
RC051 (PDF 267 kB) Dan Anderson KMA Streams and Chinook Harvest
RC052 (PDF 261 kB) Raechel Allen Chignik History
RC053 (PDF 82 kB) Mike Litzow 58, 64-66
RC054 (PDF 198 kB) Jeff Stephan United Fishermen's Marketing Assoc
RC055 (PDF 712 kB) Eric Dieters Theoretical Yield Alitak Sockeye
RC056 (PDF 116 kB) Susan Payne Testimony
RC057 (PDF 67 kB) Andy Schroder Economic Importance of Kodiak Fishery
RC058 (PDF 30 kB) Raechel Allen Correction to RC 43
RC059 (PDF 232 kB) Axel Kopun June Harvest of Chignik Sockeye
RC060 (PDF 446 kB) Axel Kopun Prop 61 1968 Igvak Study
RC061 (PDF 298 kB) Chuck McCallum Comments on Prop 61
RC062 (PDF 257 kB) Chuck McCallum Chignik Permit Values
RC063 (PDF 1,753 kB) Chuck McCallum Assessment of Habitat Chignik Watershed
RC064 (PDF 63 kB) James F. Fogle Testimony
RC065 (PDF 25 kB) Anna Crary Props 58-62
RC066 (PDF 108 kB) Anna Crary Props 58-62
RC067 (PDF 90 kB) ADF&G for Payton Substitute Language Prop 48
RC068 (PDF 41 kB) ADF&G for Payton Updated Rockfish Sport Harvest Table
RC069 (PDF 2,857 kB) Rich Blanc KMA 2017 Commercial Salmon Fishing Time
RC070 (PDF 114 kB) Fred Stager Reduction In Active Vessels
RC071 (PDF 1,274 kB) Jamie Ross Kodiak Seine Gross Nominal Earnings
RC072 (PDF 77 kB) Darius Kasprzak Substitute Language Prop 54
RC073 (PDF 555 kB) Theresa Peterson Prop 68 Amendment
RC074 (PDF 116 kB) Kodiak Salmon Work Group Estimated Total Gross Earnings Chignik Seine
RC075 (PDF 101 kB) Kodiak Salmon Work Group Estimated Total Gross Earnings Kodiak Seine
RC076 (PDF 136 kB) Kodiak Salmon Work Group WASSIP SP 12-22 Tables 15-17
RC077 (PDF 84 kB) Kodiak Salmon Work Group 2017 CMA Exvessel Value
RC078 (PDF 225 kB) Axel Kopun Cape Igvak
RC079 (PDF 344 kB) Kodiak Salmon Work Group 2017 CMA Exvessel Value
RC080 (PDF 78 kB) ADF&G for Wood Substitute Language Proposal 51
RC081 (PDF 630 kB) Raechel Allen Cape Igvak Allocation
RC082 (PDF 178 kB) Kodiak Salmon Work Group Non Local Harvest of Sockeye KMA
RC083 (PDF 117 kB) Kodiak Salmon Work Group Non Local Harvest of Sockeye KMA
RC084 (PDF 213 kB) ADF&G for Payton Mainland Harvest
RC085 (PDF 50 kB) UCIDA Salmon Migration Timing
RC086 (PDF 161 kB) UCIDA Kenai River Sockeye Harvest Escapement
RC087 (PDF 94 kB) UCIDA Estimated Gross Earnings Cook Inlet Drift
RC088 (PDF 48 kB) ADF&G For Jensen Fishing Days By Management Area
RC089 (PDF 827 kB) ADF&G for Carlson-Van Dort Summary of Igvak Sockeye Salmon Harvest Composition
RC090 (PDF 251 kB) Rep Louise Stutes public process
RC091 (PDF 98 kB) ADF&G for Payton Update to RC 68
RC092 (PDF 88 kB) Adak Community Developement Corp Prop 283
RC093 (PDF 93 kB) Julie Bonney Prop 49
RC094 (PDF 111 kB) Rich Blanc et al Prop 70 Amended Language
RC095 (PDF 44 kB) ADF&G For Jensen Pink and Chum Escapement
RC096 (PDF 276 kB) Kodiak AC Draft Language of Board Generated Letter to NOAA Fisheries
RC097 (PDF 89 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Substitute Language Prop 283
RC098 (PDF 179 kB) Member Payton Susitna Sockeye
RC099 (PDF 187 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Value by Salmon District
RC100 (PDF 450 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup KRAA Investment
RC101 (PDF 233 kB) Dan Anderson Substitute Language Prop 64
RC102 (PDF 662 kB) George Anderson Area L Subsistence
RC103 (PDF 120 kB) ADF&G for Carlson-Van Dort Substitute Language Prop 60
RC104 (PDF 582 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Sub lang prop 45
RC105 (PDF 290 kB) Benjamin Allen 2016 Chignik sockeye
RC106 (PDF 192 kB) Northwest Setnetters Assoc Prop 70 Karluk pink escapement
RC107 (PDF 207 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Cape Igvak Summary
RC108 (PDF 439 kB) ADF&G for Payton Mainland District sockeye harvest
RC109 (PDF 61 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup comments on genetic studies
RC110 (PDF 232 kB) Bering Sea Pot Cod Cooperative Prop 283
RC111 (PDF 64 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Chinook proposals
RC112 (PDF 258 kB) ADF&G For Wood Herring Genetic stock structure
RC113 (PDF 29 kB) Northwest Setnetters Assoc Gross Earnings Kodiak Chignik
RC114 (PDF 13 kB) DJ Vinberg Withdraw prop 53
RC115 (PDF 83 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Summary prop 37&RC9
RC116 (PDF 62 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Summary position Cook Inlet sockeye
RC117 (PDF 49 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Kodiak Mainland District Harvest North of Cape Aklek
RC118 (PDF 141 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Sub lang props 44&56
RC119 (PDF 45 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Sub lang prop 68
RC120 (PDF 18 kB) Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Assoc weight Telrod Cove sockeye cost recovery
RC121 (PDF 24 kB) Rick Metzger prop 68 RC73
RC122 (PDF 13 kB) Northwest Setnetters Assoc Withdraw prop 71
RC123 (PDF 92 kB) ADF&G for Jensen sub lang 283
RC124 (PDF 242 kB) Northwest Setnetters Assoc Kodiak sockeye escapement
RC125 (PDF 51 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup RCs 89&103
RC126 (PDF 885 kB) Ben Allen 2016 Chignik escapement goals & openings
RC127 (PDF 251 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Sub lang prop 64
RC128 (PDF 320 kB) ADF&G for Payton sub lang prop 64
RC129 (PDF 9 kB) Axel Kopun withdraw prop 62
RC130 (PDF 312 kB) Adak Community Development Corp Prop 283
RC131 (PDF 150 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Prop 37
RC132 (PDF 10 kB) Rich Blanc et al withdraw RC94
RC133 (PDF 230 kB) ADF&G Boards Support Misc Business Agenda
RC134 (PDF 18 kB) Ron Kavanaugh prop 283 as amended
RC135 (PDF 24 kB) ADF&G for Payton sub lang prop 72
RC136 (PDF 76 kB) ADF&G tentative hatchery cmte agenda for UCI review
RC137 (PDF 216 kB) ADF&G Public testimony log
RC138 (PDF 171 kB) ADF&G Boards rc log kodiak

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