Alaska's Wild Wonders: WILD FOODS

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Wild foods are plants and animals that are not intentionally grown by humans.

Here is a chance to play with food — specifically with wild foods found in Alaska. Here's how it works...

Choose an image of a food from the collection of photos. Use your mouse to click and drag one of the hexagons over to the playing board of empty hexagons. Release your mouse. This is where the hexagon will stay until you move it again. Give it a try!

Red elderberry
Morel mushrooms
Weathervane (pacific giant) scallop
Woodland strawberries
Willow ptarmigan
Bolete mushrooms
Dall sheep
King eider
Sharp-tailed grouse
Razor clam
Lesser snow goose
Greater white-fronted goose

If you leave this page and come back a new set of images will appear. Your work will not be saved. You can 'refresh' your page to see more selections of images to work the challenges.